Who does not love Lord Ganesh! He is the favorite god of most young and adults alike. The elephant headed god is worshipped across India and some other parts of world with lots of love and laughter.

It is difficult to find a child in India who has not heard at-least a few Ganesh stories. All his stories and fun, making them extremely popular with young kids. They also come with beautiful messages.

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Lord Ganesh Statue

10 Exciting Lord Ganesh Stories for Kids (With Morals)

The Story of Ganesh’s Birth

Shiva and Parvathy were staying at their home in Mount Kailash. Whenever Parvathy wanted to take a bath, she would ask Nandi to guard the door for privacy. On one such occasion, Shiva was outside and Nandi was with Shiva. Parvathy was alone. She wished to take a bath but did not have anyone to guard the door. So she created a child from the turmeric paste she planned to use for taking bath. She adored him and named him Ganesh.

Asking him to guard the door, Parvathy went inside to take birth.
After some time, Shiva came back home and wanted to meet Parvathy. But he was stopped at the door by loyal Ganesh, who would not let Shiva in under any circumstance. Now Shiva and Ganesh did not know each other. All of Shiva’s reasoning did not work on Ganesh, who was following Parvathy’s command. Shiva lost his cool and ended up beheading Ganesh.

Hearing all the noise, Parvathy ran and came outside. When she saw the lifeless body of Ganesh lying down, she understood what had happened. Extremely grief taken, she asked Shiva to bring back Ganesh to life. By that time, Shiva understood his mistake. However, he just could not undo his work and put Ganesh’s head back to his body. So, he sent his team outside and asked them to get the head of the first animal they spot.

Shiva’s team went out looking and after sometime came across an elephant. So they got the elephant back to Kailash. Shiva put the elephant’s head in Ganesh’s body and brought him back to life. Parvathy was happy to get Ganesh back and introduced the father and son to each other. Shiva accepted Ganesh as his son.

Moral: We should not act in anger.

How Shiva Almost Failed a Battle

After Shiva gave back life to Ganesh by placing an elephant head, Parvathy wished for Ganesh to be worshiped before start of any new work. Shiva granted Parvathy’s wish and accordingly declared that, everyone needs to worship Ganesh and take his blessings before starting any new work for good luck. Thus Lord Ganesh came to be known as the Lord for new beginning.

Few days later, Shiva needed to go in a battle against the demons. However, he forgot to worship Ganesh before starting his journey. He and his army started facing lots of difficulty along the way – one after another. Shiva was worried thinking why this was happening.

Suddenly he remembered his own blessings and realized that he himself forgot to worship Ganesh before starting his journey. Immediately, he stopped his army and completed Ganesh worship with all the rituals. Post that, Shiva resume is journey. Now he did not face any more problem on the day. Shiva won the battle and came back to Kailash safely.

Moral: Rule applies to everyone equally – big or small.

When Karthik Lost to Ganesh

Once Karthik and Ganesh were talking about who is superior to the other. Shiva overheard them and decided to create a competition. He told both his sons that next morning they would have to compete for a task as designed by Shiva. Whoever wins in the task, would be declared the superior. Parvathy was not in favor of competitions amongst his sons, but Shiva convinced her saying that sometimes competition removed negativity and helps bring the truth forward.

So next morning both Karthik and Ganesh got ready for the competition and came to where Shiva and Parvathy were sitting. Shiva told them the competition is – whoever completes three rounds of the universe earliest would be declared the winner.

Karthik became happy with the competition task. As he knew that he was much faster than Ganesh and also has the peacock as his vehicle, which can fly. Now Ganesh was slow and his vehicle mouse was of no use. Already feeling like a winner, Karthik immediately took off on his peacock and set out to complete three rounds of the universe. Ganesh, on the other hand, did not seem worried at all. He quietly made his parents seat together in one place, touched their feet, and circled them 3 times.

By the time Karthik came back after completing 3 rounds of the world, Ganesh was already sitting and eating his favourite sweet. Seeing Ganesh seated with his parents, Karthik was surprised and asked how did Ganesh come back so fast. Parvathy smiled and lovingly explained what had happened. She also told Karthik that for a child, parents are his universe. So, Ganesh won the competition when he completed 3 rounds of his parents. Karthik was upset by now. But he realized that he lost to Ganesh’s wisdom.

Moral: Wisdom and intelligence wins over physical might always.

The Story of Ganesh Writing Mahabharat

Lord Gnesh wrote Mahabhrat edited 1
Lord Ganesh broke his one tooth to write Mahabharat

After the Kurukshetra war ended between Kauravas and Pandavas, Lord Brahma asked Ved Vyas to write the Mahabharat story, as a learning for future generations. Ved Vyas agreed. However, he also asked Brahma that he needs someone to write the story, while he recites. Considering most of the great kings and intellectuals had taken part in the war and died, there was no one left for the complex job of writing the epic. Brahma thought for a moment and suggested Lord Ganesh’s name as he was ambidextrous and could write very fast. Ved Vyas agreed with this proposal and started meditating for Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh appeared in front of him and Ved Vyas told him about the proposal of writing Mahabharat. Ganesh agreed but on one condition. Ved Vyas had to recite the verses continuously, without any break. If he paused, Ganesh would stop writing and leave halfway. Ved Vyas agreed, but he had a condition of his own. Ganesh could only write a line after understanding its full meaning. Ganesh agreed and the writing of the epic started.
Months after months Ved Vyas sat at one place reciting verses after verse and Ganesh kept on writing continuously.

Whenever Ved Vyas wanted to rest for a while, he would recite an extremely complex verse. While Ganesh tried to understand the meaning, Ved Vyas could rest for some. After most parts were written. towards the end, the pen Ganesh was using to write, broke, as it could not keep up with Ganesh’s speed anymore. Not wanting to stop, Ganesh broke one of his teeth, dipped it in ink, and started writing. Thus the story was completed in 3 years, which was the shortest possible, considering the vastness of Mahabharat. Lord Ganesh came to be known as Ekdant, meaning the one with only one tooth.

Moral: All adversity can be overcome with will.

When Moon Angered Ganesh

Once Lord Kuber threw a big feast. He invited all the gods and goddesses. Ganesh also came to the feast. Seeing all his favorite sweets, he just could not stop himself and kept on gorging on the delicious food. All the gods had left. Ganesh was still eating and soon he realized that his tummy had grown so big with all the food that he was barely able to walk anymore.

To stop anyone from noticing his big tummy, Ganesh wrapped a snake around it and sneaked out in the dark. He kept on walking slowly with all the difficulty carrying his big tummy. suddenly He heard a laugh. It was the moon shining at night and seeing Ganesh in this situation, could not control his laughter.

Ganesh became embarrassed and angry at the same time. He cursed the moon that he would be invisible from that day onwards. Now the moon was scared. Realizing his mistake, he begged Ganesh for forgiveness. Ganesh had calmed down by that time. But, a curse once given can not be taken back. So he modified the curse that, the Moon would remain visible for 15 days and invisible for 15 days each month.

Moral: We should never make fun of others’ situation.

How Mouse became Ganesh’s vehicle

Mouse is Ganeshs vehicle
Mouse is Lord Ganesh’s vehicle

There was a divine musician-god named Krauncha. One day, in the court of God Indra, Krauncha accidentally stepped on the foot of Sage Vamadeva. The Sage got angry and cursed Krauncha to become a mouse and remain so for his entire life.

Immediately, Krauncha became a huge mouse and ended up damaging everything in its path. Once, he ended up stepping on the ashram of Maharshi Parashar, with whom Lord Ganesha was staying at that time. Krauncha ended up destroying the ashram.

Lord Ganesha, in order to teach Krauncha a lesson, unleashed his noose on Krauncha. It ended up looping around the mouse and bringing him to Lord Ganesha’s feet. Krauncha begged for forgiveness. So Ganesh made the mouse his vehicle from that day.

However, when Ganesh mounted on Krauncha, he couldn’t bear the weight of Lord Ganesh. Krauncha pleaded for Ganesh to become light-weight so that he could support him. Lord Ganesha agreed. Since that day, the mouse became the vehicle of Ganesh.

Moral: Intelligence and wisdom can solve big issues.

Why Lord Ganesh Loves Modak

Lord Ganesh Loves modak edited
Lord Ganesh loves Modak

Parvathy, Shiva, and Bal Ganesh once visited Anusuya, wife of Sage Atri. Anusuya prepared lots of delicious dishes for them. Shiv was hungry, but Anusuya insisted on serving Bal Ganesh first. Only after his hunger was satiated, she would serve Shiv and Parvathy. Ganesh started to eat and almost finished the entire food. Still, he was hungry.

 Anusuya realized that there would not be anything left for Shiv and Parvathy. So she prepared a special sweet made with rice flour, coconut, jaggery, ghee. And offered it to Ganesh. Surprisingly after eating the sweet Ganesh immediately felt full and satisfied. Looking at this, Parvathy said that all his devotees must offer this special sweet to Ganesh in every puja. The sweet was modak. This is how Ganesh’s love for modak became well known.

Moral: Parents always think of happiness of children first.

Lord Vishnu’s Missing Conch

Lord Vishnu had a favorite conch, which he kept with himself and took everywhere he went. One day he could not find the conch. He looked for it everywhere and even deputed all his troops to find it. But everyone returned empty-handed.

Suddenly Vishnu could hear that conch sound coming from Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva and Parvathy. Vishnu got on his vehicle and went as fast as he could, only to find little Ganesh playfully blowing the Conch. Vishu requested Shiva and Parvathy to return the conch from Ganesh. But both of them declined, as it was not possible to take anything away from Ganesh. The only chance Vishnu had of getting his conch back was if Ganesh willingly gave it back.

Vishnu understood the situation and started performing Puja for Ganesh. Little Ganesh was now pleased and happily returned the conch. Vishnu, Shiva, and Parvathy breathed a sigh of relief.

Moral: Sweet words works wonders and helps in tricky situation also.

When Ganesh Wanted to Eat Kuber

Kuber, the God of wealth, had amassed lots of wealth and wanted to show off his riches to all. So, he invited all the other gods to a feast. He went to Shiva and Parvathy also as they were the Supreme God. Shiva and Parvathy instantly understood Kuber’s intention and declined the invitation. They however decided to send Bal Ganesh as their representative. And warned Kuber that Ganesh eats a lot.
Now Kuber did not think much of it. He was pretty confident that he would have enough food on offer to satisfy the small child Ganesh’s hunger.

On the day of the feast, Bal Ganesh and all the other gods arrived. As Kuber wanted to show off his wealth, he had every possible kind of food on offer for his guests along with massive quantities. However, when the servings started, Ganesh started quickly gobbling up everything offered to him. Within moments he finished all the foods prepared for everyone.

Ganesh was still not satisfied. So, went on to eat the furniture, utensils, jewelry – whatever he could lay his eyes on. Even after eating everything from Kuber’s palace, Ganesh was still hungry. He told Kuber to give him more food. Otherwise, he would eat Kuber. This time Kuber got scared and ran to Shiva and Parvathy and begged for help. He also apologized for his pride.
Shiva gave him a bowl of rice to offer to Ganesh. Kuber offered that to Ganesh with all his humility. This time Ganesh’s hunger was satiated.

Moral: Unnecessary display of wealth, greed and pride causes one’s downfall.

The Origin of River Kaveri

Sage Agastya wanted to create a mighty river for the dry land of southern India. He prayed to the Gods and they granted his wish. Gods gave him a bowl of water saying that, wherever he puts the the water, river will flow from there. Agastya knew that the mountain range of Coorg would be a perfect source for the river, so he decided to travel there with the water.

He walked for weeks and reached near Coorg. After some time he got tired. He saw a small boy standing. Requesting the boy to hold the bowl of water, Agastya took a break to freshen himself. Retuning back, he saw that the boy had put down the bowl of water and a crow was trying to drink from it. He quickly shooed the crow away. However, before the crow tipped the bowl before flying away and the entire water fell on the ground.

A river originated from the place where water fell. Today it is known as the Kaveri river. The boy was Ganesh himself. He knew the perfect place for the river and helped sage Agastya in his endeavor.

Moral: You will always get help in the path of good deed.

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