Check out these hilarious and lovable monster books for kids. The picture books are suitable for toddlers to beginner readers and perfect to eliminate the fear of monsters in young ones. The funny stories bring out the relatable and adorable side of these scary creatures.

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Lovable & Funny Monster Books for Kids – Ages 1-12 Years

monster books for kids

Monster Picture Books

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Go Away, Big Green Monster! Chase away nighttime fears of your child with this bestseller monster picture book. Children will see a die-cut green monster grow before them as they turn page after page.

Just when the monster has grown fully, children ask the monster to “go away”. The big monster starts disappearing little by little at the turn of each page. This book has been a toddler favorite for decades.
(Ages 4-8)

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Quit Calling Me a Monster! Floyd Peterson is a monster but does not want to be called one! Sure he hides in the closet, sleeps under the bed, and looks like a monster with purple fur and sharp teeth. But he still prefers to be called Floyd.

The book is humorous. The end packs a powerful message about individuality and respecting one’s wishes.
(Ages 3-7)

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Nighty Night, Little Green Monster Create a monster by turning page after page as parts of the face appear one after another. Children will be delighted to reveal little yellow eyes, a little red mouth, a tiny white monster tooth.

The final face of the monster is quite cute, not at all scary. After that it is bedtime.

Children say goodnight to each part of the monster’s face one by one. The book is absolutely simple and relatable for small kids.
(Ages 3-6)

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The Monster at the End of This Book Kids’ favorite lovable, furry old Grover begs kids not to turn the pages. There is a monster at the end of the book. But the inquisitive kids just do not listen.

As children reach the end of the book, watch their delight in finding out the monster! This interactive and intriguing book is popular with toddlers and preschoolers.
(Ages 3-7)

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Tickle Monster Follow along with the Tickle Monster and go on a laugh-filled adventure. Each page brings in a different tickle – from head to toe. The story flows nicely.

The interactive book is a fun read, along with a few gentle tickles for the young ones.
(Ages 4-8)

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It’s Halloween, Little Monster It is Little Monster’s first Halloween. As he goes trick or treating with his dad, they meet one scary creature after another – witches, vampires, zombies.

Finally, they reach the last house -the spookiest of all. Read on to find out what surprise awaits there.
(Ages 3-7)

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Goodnight, Little Monster How does a little monster get ready for bed! The steps are quite elaborate indeed! He has to scrub his scales, get into his creepy PJs, have worm juice, amongst other things.

Finally, his mother tucks him in and switches on the night-light because the little monster is afraid of the dark. This sweet monster story is perfect for a bedtime read.
(Ages 3-7)

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Even Monsters Need Haircuts Read the story of a little boy whose father cuts hair. So does the young barber himself. But his customers are different. You see even the monsters need to be groomed. And the little boy does his job earnestly.

Night after night, the boy is ready with his scissors, tonic, polish, wax, etc. The story is hilarious and perfect for bedtime.
(Ages 3-6)

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Pig the Monster Pig The Pug has the worst Halloween manners. He is unhappy about not getting treats to his liking and goes on misbehaving. Finally, he ends up learning his lesson.

The pictures are funny, and the countless silly costumes are sure to get few laughs.
(Ages 3-5)

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Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli What do monsters eat? Find out in this funny monster book. Trucks, tractors, rocket ships, trees, and the likes! Anything but broccoli!

Read aloud this hilarious book to a picky eater and learn about healthy eating.
(Ages 3-7)

Early Reader Books

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I Need My Monster The position of the “monster under the bed” is open as Ethan’s monster Gabe goes fishing for a week. As Ethan starts interviewing potential substitutes for the job, he finds that none of them are scary enough, with their pointy teeth, sharp claws, and long tail.

Thankfully Gabe turns up sooner than expected. The popular picture book with striking illustrations is sure to get a few giggles and more.
(Ages 5-8)

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How to Catch a Monster is part of the popular ‘How to Catch series and perfect during Halloween time. A child got the role of ‘Ninja Master’ in the school play.

With newfound courage, he goes to confront the monster hiding in his closet. The text is lyrical, and the pictures are bright. This one is a perfect book to conquer fear for kids.
(Ages 4-8)

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Monster Trouble! Winifred Schnitzel does not scare easy. But she is in trouble, The neighborhood monsters do not let her sleep. Every night they sneak into her room creating a ruckus.

Read how Winifred confronts the monsters. The text is simple and pictures are a work of art, perfect for beginner readers.
(Ages 4-8)

For Tweens (Ages 8-12)

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Monster Problems Books 1-3 by R.L. Ullman is a story about a child who is half boy, half-vampire. Read about Bram Murray, who has always bounced from one foster care to another. He has peculiar habits that are different than others.

Then he gets admitted to a secret school for monster kids. There Bram discovers clues about his past. Can he harness his powers for good and save humanity! This box set has all three chapter books from the series.
(Ages 8-12)

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Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts by Lonely Planet Kids’ takes one for a trip around the globe. Find haunted castles, restless spirits, terrifying dragons, wicked witches, and more scary ghosts and mythical creatures. The content is sorted as per different parts of the world.

The artwork is beautiful and detailed and the text is fun and engaging. This one is a must-read for middle graders and above.
(Ages 9-12)

Check out this fun read-aloud of the book – How to Catch a Monster

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