Babies love sound and music. The first toy which holds a baby’s attention is always a sound toy. Why not musical books then? There are so many varieties to choose from that babies and toddlers are spoilt for choices.

There are books with animal sound, train sound, rhymes, even some with orchestra and Mozart, Vivaldi music. Talk about starting early!

Musical and sound books are quite popular with toddlers since their interactive format keeps the toddlers occupied for a longer time, without any need for parental help!

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Poppy and Vivaldi: With 16 musical sounds!

Magali Le Huche (Illustrator, Author)

Press the buttons and listen to the musical adventure of poppy the dog and friends along with your little one. Each Poppy storybook includes excerpts from 11 works of both Mozart and Vivaldi. The sound quality is extremely good.  Great introduction to orchestra, good contrast and depiction of animals. Perfect for age 1 and above. This is for the keep. Check details in Amazon.

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Eric Carle – Around the Farm

Eric Carle (Author)

A classic Eric Carle book with animal illustration on every page and 30 sound buttons that play animal names and sounds. Introduce your baby or toddler to the farm animals – mooing cow, neighing horse, crowing rooster, and more. The animal sounds are of very good quality. There are so many sounds to play with, perfect for keeping your child engaged for long. Check details in Amazon.

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Hear Bear Roar

Eric Carle (Author)

This is another Eric Carle book perfect for your little one. A must have sound book! Beautiful pictures and great sound. Loud enough and very clear! Buy this, your little one will surely love it! Sturdy enough to take all the rough handling. Be prepared to listen to lots of animal sounds though! Check details in Amazon.

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PAW Patrol – I’m Ready to Read with Chase

PI Kids (Author)

This one is for all Paw-Patrol lovers out there! Each button on each page narrates the story by lovable pup Chase. Clear and simple narration – easy enough for your young one to follow along. When your child grows up, he or she can attempt to read the story along with the read aloud. It is suitable from babies to early readers! Check details in Amazon.

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The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business: Sound Edition

Werner Holzwarth (Author)

This is the sound book version of the book The Story of the Little Mole – an incredibly popular book with over 3 million copies sold worldwide. It’s the story about how a mole got out of hole and someone laid a big poop on his head. Poo is an interesting topic for the young ones always. This book is funny, pictures are great. Good story filled with laughter! Great for potty training! Check details in Amazon.

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Noisy Things That Go (My First Touch and Feel Sound Book)

Libby Walden (Author)

This all-in-one touch, feel and sound book delights children as they hear the noisy vehicles of the road, rails, sea and sky. Bright illustration, fun facts, great textures and clear vehicle sounds make this book an instant favorite with children.  Get this and see your young one turn into an expert of vehicles! Check details in Amazon.

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The Story Orchestra: Swan Lake:

Jessica Courtney Tickle (Illustrator), Katy Flint (Author)

A great way to introduce ballet/ classical music to your little one. The pictures are beautifully detailed for children to enjoy by themselves. The Swan lake story is told very nicely to be appropriate for children and has a happy ending. Nice illustration and good orchestral sound makes this book an easy favorite with young children. Check details in Amazon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.