Check out these exciting middle school mystery books for grades 6,7,8. Starting from Victorian-era mystery novels to modern spy books, supernatural mysteries to adventures in haunted houses – there is a book for everyone. Mystery reading helps rise adolescent literacy levels. Choose a mystery book based on your 11-13-year-old’s interest and let the thrilling ride begin! Check here more mystery book for teens and ya.

25 Exciting Mystery Books For Grades 6-8 (Ages 11-13)

Middle school Mystery Books for grades 6-8

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Here are 25 popular middle school(grades 6-8) mystery books suitable for 11-13-year-olds..

The Agency: A Spy in the House

The Agency: A Spy in the House - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

The Agency: A Spy in the House is a tale of deceptions, clues, and suspense – set in the Victorian era of 1850s London. Mary Quinn, a former thief is trained by an all-female investigative agency. Now she is put in the house of a merchant to solve the suspense of missing cargo ships. Between all mistrusts, and betrayals- Mary needs to follow her instinct and navigate through the backstreets to uncover the crime. And somewhere in the line her past also catches up.

The House in Poplar Wood

spooky middle school mystery book

The House in Poplar Wood is a middle-grade spooky mystery book about secrets and supernatural things. Twins Vickery and Felix want their family to be free from serving Memory and Death. So, they agree to help Gretchen solve a murder mystery. This imaginative story is well written and full of magic, mystery, and excitement.

Middle School Mystery

light-hearted mystery story for 6th-8th graders

Middle School Mystery. Middle grader Arlo is invited to a back-to-school summer party. But then the party gets shut down suddenly. Now Arlo wants to solve the mystery to make the party happen.

When You Reach Me

award-winning middle school mystery

When You Reach Me is a Newbery award-winning mystery novel. Sixth-grader Miranda is getting mysterious notes. One of them predicts that someone is going to die. Miranda must write a letter to make things right. The engaging book takes readers through time travel. In the end, the mystery unravels and everything comes along together.

Down with the Dance

funny middle school mystery book

Down with the Dance is a light-hearted middle school book. Austin is a nerd and finds it difficult to fit in the school with his more athletic elder brother. When the Halloween school dance is threatened, Astin sets out to find the culprit. Find out if he can save it and take Sophie to the dance. The Middle School Mayhem series is funny and hits all the right notes with kids.

Two-Minute Mysteries

intriguing mystery stories for grades 6-8

Solve intriguing and spine-chilling cases with Two-Minute Mysteries. The short stories are perfect for 11-13-year-olds to exercise their analytical abilities.

Winterhouse Mysteries

imaginative mystery novel

Winterhouse Mysteries is an imaginative fast-paced mystery novel. Someone is helping the evil Gracella. Can Elizabeth and Freddy face the threats and protect Winterhouse? The final book in this trilogy has just the right amount of suspense and gore.

Scritch Scratch

ghost mystery novel

Scritch Scratch is a spooky and haunting ghost mystery book. Claire is a 12-year-old wannabe scientist. So, she brushes off the seemingly illogical encounter with a stranger on the bus. But strange things keep on happening. Now, Claire has to find out. The story narrates the middle grader’s school life, friends, and emotion beautifully.

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries

detective short stories

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries is a bunch of twenty short stories for wanna-be sleuths. Put on your analytical cap and solve mysteries of haunted basements, hilarious cases, and more. The short stories are suitable for family gatherings.

Jolly Foul Play

Jolly Foul Play - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

Jolly Foul Play. A student has been murdered on Bonfire Night. Everyone in the school is suspecting the new head girl – Elizabeth. Can detective duo Hazel and Daisy find the real culprit? Would their friendship stand the rigor? Read this delightful book to find out.

A Properly Unhaunted Place

A Properly Unhaunted Place - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

A Properly Unhaunted Place is for supernatural mystery lovers. Rosa and her mother have moved into a new haunted town. There she meets Jasper, a normal kid who has no idea about the town’s supernatural fame. However, when faced with a group of angry ghosts, can Rosa use her power and overcome the threat? A hilarious and spooky read for 11-13-year-olds.


Hideout - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

Hideout. Twelve-year-old Sam hates fishing, so he uses his father’s fishing boat to explore the surrounding woods. On one such exploration, he meets Davey – a boy living all alone in a jungle cabin. Pretty soon, they both get entangled in danger. Read this captivating novel to find out how they come out of it.

Camp Legend

Camp Legend - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

Camp Legend is the first book from the bestseller Greyson Gray series. Twelve-year-old Gray tries everything to get distracted from his father’s mysterious disappearance – athletics, friends, and more. However, when he stumbles upon a terrorist plot, he must choose what to do next. How to save thousands of lives. It is gritty suspense for mystery lovers.

The Parker Inheritance

The Parker Inheritance - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

The Parker Inheritance is an award-winning book confronting social issues. Candice finds an old letter addressed to her disappeared grandfather. From then on – a series of events unfold. Stories of injustice, secrets, forgotten heroes. Can she and Brandon solve the puzzle and get the fortune that awaits?

Murder Is Bad Manner

Murder Is Bad Manner - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

Murder Is Bad Manner. Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are best friends who love solving problems. They get their first murder mystery with the discovery and subsequent disappearance of the body of Miss Bell, their science teacher. From then on – it is a series of looking for suspects, going through endless evidence, and using everything at their disposal to solve the crime. Check out the entire series.

The Emperor’s Riddle

The Emperor's Riddle - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

The Emperor’s Riddle. Mia Chen is on a family trip to China that soon turns into an adventure. When her Aunt Lin disappears, Mia knows she needs to solve the mystery. Can she and her brother Jake solve the riddles of the old map and uncover the treasure? This fast-paced mystery chapter book is suitable for reluctant readers.

Zora and Me

Zora and Me - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

Zora and Me book is loosely based on the life of Zora Neal Hurston, the author of many African-American folklore stories. The story is set in Eatonville, Florida – the first incorporated all-black township in the United States. Zora is a young girl with a wild imagination. She thinks her neighbor is half man half gator, which none of her friends believe. When a series of accidents and death start happening in the town, Zora decides that this is her chance to prove herself right. This one is a delightful read.

Jones & Parker Case Files: 16 Mysteries to Solve Yourself

Jones & Parker Case Files: 16 Mysteries to Solve Yourself - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

Jones & Parker Case Files: 16 Mysteries to Solve Yourself. Put on a thinking hat and solve 16 mysteries with Emily and Matthew, set in the town of Odyssey. Helping the new doctor unlock her office safe to solve the case of Mr. Whittaker’s missing paint cans – no mystery is small for the detective duo. Play along and examine the clues provided to solve the mystery. It is a fun and humorous book for middle schoolers to read.


Vanished - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

Vanished. Eleven-year-old Neela loves playing her Veena and dreams of becoming a musician. But when her precious instrument, a gift from her grandmother, disappears, Neela must find it. A series of mysterious connections events connect her to the instrument’s haunted past. Can she track it and stop it from disappearing again?

Footer Davis Probably Is Crazy

Footer Davis Probably Is Crazy - image of a mystery book for ages 11-13 years

Footer Davis Probably Is Crazy. Footer Davis’s mom is ill and taken to a mental hospital. Fire, murder, missing children – a series of mishaps start happening around the town. Footer decides to investigate and get to the bottom with her friend Peavine. The road leads her to many discoveries about herself and her mother. This one is an impactful story with a powerful narrative.

Spirit Hunters

Spirit Hunters - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

Spirit Hunters is a thrilling ghost story with a set of diverse characters. Harper has moved into a new home with her family. Rumor has it that it is haunted, but she does not believe it. However, when her younger brother starts acting strangely, she gets a strange sense of déjà vu. Go on a chilling ride with harper as she puts together pieces from time.

The Mystery on Apache Canyon Drive

The Mystery on Apache Canyon Drive - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

The Mystery on Apache Canyon Drive. Step into the heart of modern-day Arizona’s Old West and solve a mystery with young detectives. Take help of the high-tech gadgets – drones, cameras, bugs GPS tools. The adventure takes the reader through deserted mansions, valleys, forests, courthouses, and many such familiar places.

Spy School at Sea

Spy School at Sea - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

Spy School at Sea is the final book from the best seller series Spy School. Ben Ripley has boarded the world’s largest cruise ship to find out what his nemesis Murray is plotting. But the exciting journey with friends and family soon leads to a path of dangers, and surprises. Ben needs all his skills to come out of it.

Cream Buns and Crime

Cream Buns and Crime - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

Cream Buns and Crime. Discover untold stories and find out about the unsolved mysteries of the spunky detective duo – Daisy and Hazel. Included with tips on solving crimes, tricks, and facts – this book is for budding detectives.

The Traitor’s Blade

The Traitor's Blade - image of a mystery book for grades 6-8

The Traitor’s Blade. Christopher, Tom, and Sally are back home in London. However, their peace is short-lived. An old friend is murdered, followed by a threat and a mysterious letter. The discovery soon leads to a sinister plot to kill the king. Join in as the friends unearth and tackle the traitor to save the innocents.

More Middle Grader Books

Some More Mysteries For Grades 6-8

  • Detective games are an excellent way to teach middle graders about hunting for clues. Children learn to be more observant. When playing in the classroom, kids learn to be organized, work in a team together to solve mysteries.
  • Solve historical mysteries with your grade 6+ students following this lesson plan. It is pretty detailed with objectives, materials needed, and steps. Perfect ice-breaking activity at the beginning of the school year.
  • Learn to take fingerprints and how to record clues. These classroom Mystery activities are suitable for middle graders to learn more about methods of solving.