Crime and Mystery books for Teens & YA. The powerful stories will keep readers hooked till the last page. Teen detective solving a paranormal mystery, high school murder, true story of wrongful criminal convictions, and other fascinating crime reads. Also, check out the must-read book on the legal consequences of teenage crimes.

23 Best Crime & Mystery Books For Teens & YA

crime & mystery books - teens & ya

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Find these highly recommended books on crime level and mystery for teens and ya.

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Unofficial Detective

A great ya book to play detective and solve the murder mystery. A wizard is dead. Thordric, the half wizard is called in to find the murderer. But before that, Thordric must learn to control his power. The story is charming.

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One of Us Is Lying

Read this bestseller teenage murder mystery. A high school student is dead. Suspicion is on 4 other students. Each one of them has a secret to hide. Who is the murderer here? The story is relatable in the high school setting. The school dramas and family dynamics throw in great points to start discussions.

fictional high school murder mystery

Killing Mr. Griffin

A fictional crime novel about a high school prank gone wrong. High school teacher Mr. Griffin is quite strict. So the students decide to teach him a lesson. The protagonist and star student Susan is roped in to help. But then all goes wrong and people start doing. Find out who is the killer.

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The Inheritance Games

Teenager Avery is thrown into a mysterious situation when an unknown billionaire leaves her with his entire fortune after death. Now Avery has to move into his house, full of discounted relatives. There are puzzles, and riddles in every step. Avery needs to survive the game.

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

17-year-old Pippa has decided to investigate an old murder mystery. A high schooler Andie had died. The case closed with Andie’s boyfriend, Sal, as accused. But when Pippa digs further, she finds evidence that might prove Sal’s innocence. But someone in the down does not want others to know the truth. Now Pippa’s life is in danger.

ya murder thriller

I Know You Did It

This one is an engaging ya murder thriller. Two students are found dead in Ruby’s school. And someone is trying to frame Ruby for the murders. Or could she herself be the next target! Read through with cleverly plotted twists and turns.

horror story for teenagers

Escape Room

A teenage horror story about being held in an escape room. For teenagers enter an escape room for some thrill and fun. But the spooky room and game master have no intention of letting them out. The story is narrated from four teenagers’ points of view. With twists and turns at every step, this one is an engaging read.

True story on wrong crime conviction

Scrapped: Justice and a Teen Informant

A well-written book on corruption in the legal system and wrong accusal. The book is based on the true story of 18-year-old Heidi who went missing and was later found dead. The main accused Gary spent more than 2 decades behind the bar. Criminal defense lawyer Lisa with help of an investigative reporter unearths the truth. This real story reads straight out of a crime novel.

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They All Had A Reason: A rumor. A secret. A lie. A murder.

Read this high school murder drama. When the school bully Bellany dies, many become suspects. But Charlotte finds something amiss. Her search uncovers more secrets. Who does Charlotte trust at this stage?

High school murder novel

The Murder Game

A story of boarding school murder. Luke’s roommate Oscar is the prime suspect. Luke searches for more information to clear Oscar’s name. But there is possibly a serial killer at school. Luke’s friendship with the new girl in school also raises questions. Luke has to use the survival skill of his past to solve this mystery.

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Dead Girls Don’t Lie

This suspenseful crime novel is for murder mystery-loving young adults. Rachel is dead. And the police find a local gang to be main assured, But her former best friend Jaycee does not agree. So, she sets on clue hunting on her own. Go with Jaycee on a captivating thrilling journey.

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The Girl in the Picture

A whodunit murder mystery for teens. Chace Porter is found dead. The only clue police have is a picture of shy and geeky Nicole with Chace. But no one knew they were friends. What about Chace ‘s girlefrind Lana? The story flows seamlessly between past and present.

teen spy thriller

Unleashed: A Teen Spy Thriller

This one is an engaging high school teen spy thriller. 17-year-old Aleasha works for a spy agency, Her first assignment takes her to a high school. Added to it is the mystery of her parent’s death. And she blows her first mission. Drew joins in to help. There is a hint of romance and comedy in this action-packed thriller.

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The Unknown

A kidnapping mystery for teens. Eights kids are kidnapped and placed in a new place. But where are they and why were they taken. Lots of unanswered question. Read this engaging story with unexpected ending.

paranormal mystery book

Witch-Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials

A story from the time when people believed in supernatural things. In 1692 Massachusetts, a poor woman is accused of being a witch. Read through the trial that claimed many lives.

crime thriller for teens & ya

Two Can Keep a Secret

This YA novel is about keeping secrets, mysterious disappearances, and murder. Ellery is sent to live with her grandmother in a small town. But the mysterious town is quite dangerous. Everyone there has secrets. And another girl goes missing.

Teen crimes and American judicial system

They Broke the Law―You Be the Judge

Teens will learn more about American crime and the juvenile justice system. The book has various real-life cases of teens committing crimes. Read about all the facts and sentencing. In each case, Judge Jacobs provides his insights. A must-have read for today’s teens.

teenage drug addiction memoir

Knockin’ Doorz Down

This one is a powerful memoir about drug addiction and recovery. Author Carlos Vieira narrates how drug addiction ruined his perfect teen life. After decades of relapses, rehabs, and jail time, he was able to come out of it at 34.

novel about drug addiction and crime

You’d Be Home Now

Teenager Emory is struggling to find her identity. At home, she is the good sister who is helping her brother come out of substance abuse. At school, she is the younger sister of popular school kids. Now Emory wants to find out who she is. A touch read about a family’s struggle with a drug-addicted son.

paranormal ya mystery book

Small Town Monsters

This is a creepy paranormal mystery ya book. Teenagers Vera and Maxwell’s paths cross. Vera’s parents are demon hunters. Max needs their help for curing his mother. But then they are out of the station. So now Max and Vera are left on their own to solve this.

fictional novel based on a true crime

Who Killed Christopher Goodman?

This fictional page turned is based on a true crime story. In a small town, Chris Goodman is killed. But who killed him? Read through the chapter narrated from different viewpoints.

Bestseller young adult crime thriller

Theodore Boone: The Accomplice

The last book in the highly popular Theodore Boone series is a powerful ya novel. Woody is wrongfully arrested in a robbery case. His best friend Theo tries to help Woody put of jail. This legal thriller from Grisham will keep you hooked till the last page.