Nonfiction books for 2nd graders need to be interesting enough to hold their attention for longer while being simple enough for children to read independently or with little help. 2nd-grade kids should be exposed to various subjects so that they can find out what they like more.

The below nonfiction book list covers all – starting from the motivational life story of famous people, to books on science and nature. There is even a book on making kids self-aware of their body and teach how to protect themselves against bad touch – a must for all children.

Nonfiction Books for 2nd Graders – People

Marie Curie - nonfiction book for early readers

I am Marie Curie

Brad Meltzer (Author), Christopher Eliopoulos (Illustrator)

This biography of Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel prize, is a captivating read. Being a woman scientist in the 19th century -in a society filled with prejudices towards women, was not easy. But Marie Curie overcame all obstacles and made a name for herself as a physicist and chemist.

Filled with bright illustrations and relatable childhood stories, this book is an inspiring read for any 2nd grader. Check here on Amazon.

Keith Haring - nonfiction book for 2nd garders

Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

Kay Haring (Author), Robert Neubecker (Illustrator)

This is the biography of iconic pop artist Keith Haring, written by his sister. His love for art from an early age till his last day has been well documented in this biography. An inspiring read for any 2nd grader and above. Check here on Amazon.

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albert Einstein - Nonfiction books for early readers

I am Albert Einstein

Brad Meltzer (Author), Christopher Eliopoulos (Illustrator)

This biography of Albert Einstein tells the kids that being different is ok. As was one of the greatest scientists of today’s time. The eye-catching comic-style illustrations make this book a children’s favorite.

This book is another gem from the I am.. series. Each book in this series has the biography of one famous person, along with a message for the reader. A good and motivational read for 2nd graders, when they become more self-aware. Check here on Amazon.

My body - nonfiction book for primary graders

My Body! What I Say Goes

Jayneen Sanders (Author), Anna Hancock (Illustrator)

This book teaches the children between good and bad touch, how to protect one from inappropriate touch, and raise a voice. It should be a mandatory read for every child to understand personal safety.

Written for children of the age group of 3 to 10-years-old, this book is highly recommended by many parents and educators. Check here on Amazon.

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Nonfiction Books for 2nd Graders – Science and Nature

Reptiles and Amphibians - nonfiction books for primary graders

Little Kids First Big Book of Reptiles and Amphibians

Catherine D. Hughes (Author)

Most 2nd graders get excited looking at creepy crawlies. Snakes, lizards, frogs – this book has all varieties of reptiles and amphibians covered. Be ready to listen to lots of questions like, “What is the biggest reptile in the world?”

This informative book is a good way to introduce kids to nature and science. Appropriate for kids from kindergarten to 2nd grade. Check here on Amazon.

Dinosaurs - nonfiction book for early readers

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs

DK (Author)

Dinosaurs books are a must for any 2nd grader’s library. Meet the animals who ruled the earth at one point in time and discover their lost world.

Packed with information on how scientists concluded about dinosaurs from fossils, this book is packed with enough facts and information to cater to curious minds. Check here on Amazon.

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national geographic - nonfiction book for beginner readers

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Science

Kathleen Zoehfeld (Author)

This book is another gem from National Geographic Kids. This book covers a wide range of topics – animals, space, earth, volcano, sound, light.

The simple science experiments in this book work as a first step for a child in the world of hands-on science. A perfect nonfiction book for any curious 2nd grader. Check here on Amazon.

sun - nonfiction book for beginner readers

Sun! One in a Billion

Stacy McAnulty (Author), Stevie Lewis (Illustrator)

A picture book about space – about the real star – Sun! Written in an autobiographical style, with kid-friendly facts and beautiful illustrations – this book makes learning about the Sun real fun.

Know about the Milky way, its nearest star, and many other fascinating facts. A good book for 2nd grade children. Check here on Amazon.

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prehistoric pets - nonfiction book for 2nd graders

Prehistoric Pets

Mike Love (Illustrator), Dean Dr. Lomax (Contributor)

Learn about amazing animals and fascinating fossils in this fun and exciting read. Beautiful popups, vibrant colors, interesting facts capture the reader’s imagination easily.

This book acts as a breath of fresh air from the fascinating dinosaurs books. With animals from extinct to current-day common pets, this book is an animal lover’s delight. Check here on Amazon.

backpack explorer - nonfiction book for 2nd grader

Backpack Explorer: Bird Watch

Editors of Storey Publishing (Author), Oana Befort (Illustrator)

Take this book along when you walk in the woods or park with your child. Have fun recognizing and discussing the variety of feathered features. With pages filled with prompts, activities, field guides – this book is an outdoor lover’s delight.

A fun and engaging book for children in 2nd grade and above, this book discusses many interesting things about birds – their diets, habitat, etc. A bonus is the fun stickers provided, to use and remember what birds kids see during their nature explore. Check here on Amazon.

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The above list covers a good variety of books. Most of them are suitable for independent reading by second graders with little help. Our absolute favorite from this list is below.

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