Kids love Pandas. They are super adorable and made famous by the Kung-Fu Panda series! And no, they really don’t know Kung-Fu. Make childrens’ storytime endearing with these cute panda books. Beginner readers and middle graders would enjoy the fun nonfiction reads.

7 Cute Panda Books For Kids

Panda books for kids

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Pandas Love Pizza is a panda picture book for picky eaters. Each page has one big picture of an animal trying out a fruit or a food item.

The pages contain all letters of the alphabet. So teach your 2-4 year-olds ABCs while giving them a lesson on healthy eating. (Ages baby-4 years)

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Little Panda is an adorable board book showcasing the love between mother and child. Mama is always with little panda taking care of her cub. Even when he goes on an adventure in the snow.

The short rhyming lines make this perfect for reading to babies and toddlers. (Ages 1-4 years)

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The Panda Problem by celebrated storyteller Deborah Underwood is a highly acclaimed book. The Panda lives in a beautiful bamboo forest and declares that he does not have a problem. And the narrator tries to prove otherwise.

Read to get the twist in the problem-free story. The writing is hilarious. Appeals to preschoolers & above. (Ages 3-7 years)

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The Ultimate Panda Book for Kids is filled with 100+ amazing panda facts, photos, quizzes. The only non-fiction book your child needs to up the Panda knowledge in a fun way.

Did you know Pandas have 6 toes? Learn many such interesting panda facts. (Ages 3-8 years)

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Panda Kids Coloring Book is for panda loving kids. This activity book has 30+ fun coloring pages. The pictures show pandas doing different activities – eating bamboo, climbing trees, playing tennis, and more.

Each page also has fun panda facts included. (Ages 5-7 years)

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Absolute Expert: Pandas Get the latest scoop on pandas with expert explorer Mark Brody on a journey to China’s mountains.

Learn about their bamboo eating habit and Giant pandas’ habitat. The book is filled with stunning images, interesting and wacky facts, and trivias. (Ages 8-12 years)

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Facts About the Red Panda teaches kids about the rarely talked about species. The book is full of interesting facts about the Red Panda and stunning real-life images.

Fun learning for primary graders. (Ages 8-12 years)

Easy Panda Crafts For Kids:

  1. This paper plate panda craft from I Heart Crafty Things is super easy to do. And the end result is absolutely adorable. The instructions are super simple and step by step with pictures

2. Make a 3D panda that moves. Arty Craft Kids have an interesting tutorial on this. Watching the panda bobble its head is super fun for small kids.

3. This sock Panda sewing pattern for the sewing enthusiast kids 8 and above. Craft Passion makes it look so adorable.

Watch and listen to the read-aloud of the book If You Were a Panda Bear
courtesy: Mr. Shawn’s Storytime