Check out these fun picture books for 4th graders. These books are great for short read-aloud. 9-year-olds are independent readers. The short stories help 4th graders complete them on their own. The pictorial representation helps children understand the concept or story better. Read the historical fiction picture book about 150 years old steam engine or learn about the national parks of USA. The picture book about family love is perfect for a short read-aloud. STEM, inspirational stories, buses, quantum physics etc – varieties of genres are covered in the below picture books.

Also check 4th grader chapter books.

15 Funny Picture Books for 4th Graders (Age 9 years)

funny math picture book

Fractions in Disguise

Learn the divisions and fractions in a fun and entertaining way. The author here creates a missing adventure storyline with the fractions. A perfect read-aloud picture book for a 4th-grade classroom, this one is a teacher’s and student’s favorite.

Read for: 7-10 Years | Math fun, educational picture book

picture book on relationship

Pink and Say

A moving tale about two teenage boys who fought during the civil war. This tragic-ended story is about the interracial friendship forged between the boys. One of them is the author’s great-grandfather. A powerful read for any 4th grader.

Read for: 6-9 Years | A tale of friendship during civil war period

earth science picture book for 4th graders

The Lorax

A powerful Dr. Seuss book about the catastrophic effects of not being sustainable. The story teaches kids to treat our planet with kindness. And every small effort matters. The illustrations perfectly complement the theme of the book. A book for all ages – though 9-10 year olds would appreciate it more.

Read for: 5-9 Years | Importance of being sustainable for our planet

nonfiction picture book for 4th grade


A Caldecott Medal Winner, this book details a train journey across the transcontinental railway in the year 1869. A fun, informative book- full of beautiful illustrations. A favorite read-aloud book for many families in America.

Read for: 4-10 years | Getting transported to steam engine era

4th grade picture book on physics

My First Book of Quantum Physics

Step into the world of quantum particles with this fascinatingly illustrated quantum physics book. This picture format book is simple and easy to read. Packed with lots of intriguing information, it is a fun read.

Read for: 8-12 years | Fun introduction to quantum physics

rhyming picture book

Limitless Me: A Wonderful Tale of Overcoming Fear

This rhyming tale is about a talented girl named Faye, who is afraid of failure in trying something new. Read on how Faye finds strengths within overcomes her fear. A relatable character and quirky pictures, this book is a charming read. A perfect book for a classroom or parent read aloud, sure to spark helpful conversations.

Read for: 8-12 Years | Learn to not let fear of failure hold you back

life lesson picture book

Where’s My House?: Sierra National Forest

This book mixes imagination with fact. An amazing compilation of the drawing and experiences of children who lost homes during the 2020 Creek fire. The beautifully animated story brings out the devastation in a child-friendly way. The wonderful message of moving forward is the one to hope and cherish for, always. Check here on Amazon

Read for: 6-10 Years | Positivity and moving forward after a life changing event

4th grade picture book with moral lesson

Who’s Inside That Hat?

This book teaches young kids that one should not judge others by appearances. The child Anika in this story sees a new neighbor move in and wonders if she is a witch. The book tackles the topic of implicit racial bias head-on. A charming picture book with a socially relevant story – perfect for 4th graders.

Read for: 6-10 Years | Tackle appearance based bias

picture book on USA national parks

National Parks of the USA

This book covers complete details about 21 national parks of America. Beautiful illustrations complete with maps, fascinating details – this book transports the readers to the serene beauty. There are also fun activities inside to keep the children engaged. Check here on Amazon

Read for: 6-9 Years | Learn about 21 national parks of USA

picture book on human and animal bond

Life of Bailey

This the second book from the popular dog series – Life of Bailey. Join in on Bailey’s journey as he gets trained to be a service dog. The language is fun, and the illustrations are simple. The book impresses upon the beautiful bond humans and animals share.

Read for: 8-10 years | Humans and animals can help each other and form a beautiful bond

inspiring girl role model 4th grader book

Sally Loves Horses!

This fictional picture book narrates the story of an energetic girl Sally, who is determined about competing in a rodeo event. Follow the journey of Sally on how she makes her dream come true with support from friends and family. The story is inspiring, and Sally is a great role model for young girls. A perfect picture book for any reluctant 4th grader.

Read for: 7-9 Years | Horse loving inspiring girl role model

diversity pictrure book

This Is How We Do It

This one is a picture book – showcasing seven kids from different parts of the world and their daily lives. The kids belong to diverse backgrounds economically and ethnically. Starting from the food they eat, clothes they wear, games they play, and many more – everything is showcased in pictures. The book ends with a beautiful note highlighting the similarity, despite the differences. At the end of the day, everyone shares the same night sky. A highly recommended book for 4th-grade reading.

Read for: 5-9 Years | Similarity in diversity

story about immigration family

The Most Beautiful Thing

Beauty is everywhere, as this picture book teaches. The story narrates how Kalia, an immigrant girl wants braces to improve her smile. Finally, it is her grandmother – who just has one tooth left, helps Kalia see the true beauty within. The illustrations are rich, evocative, and integrate the tale well. A beautiful picture book about immigration life and family love. A perfect read aloud book for 4th grader class.

Read for: 5-9 Years | Family love in immigration surrounding

beautifully illustrated book with moon

The Faces, Err Phases, of the Moon

This astronomy book explains the different phases of the moon and how that affects the earth. The pictures are beautiful. Perfect for children to observe the moon in the sky and compare it with the book.

Read for: 8-12 Years | Learn about different phases of moon

transport picture book

Buses for Kids

Read about the world’s largest bus or the buses that carry passengers for sightseeing over snow or ice. Filled with information about over ninety variety of buses, this book a a transport lovers delight. Beautiful pictures about each bus and fun facts – starting with manufacturing information etc, make this an educational book for the higher elementary class. An informative picture book – any 9-10 years old would enjoy. A perfect book for family gathering.

Read for: 8-12 Years | Learn about different varieties of buses

How do 4th graders benefit from read aloud?

Reading aloud a book in a classroom or a group, or with the family is quite beneficial for kids. The discussion and connection during read-aloud help the little ones understand stories better. It also leaves scope for parents and teachers to stress the crucial learnings from the story.

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