Ladybugs (aka lady beetles or ladybird beetles) are fascinating creatures. They come in many different colors and patterns. Although, the red color one with black spots is the most well-known. They are also helpful to farmlands. Listed here are a few good books about ladybugs, suitable for small kids. Facts, fiction, humorous story – there is something for all!

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Best Picture Books About Ladybugs

ladybug picture books for kids
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Little Ladybug: Finger Puppet Book is made for babies and toddlers. The story is small and with clear simple illustrations.

The attraction is the ladybug finger puppet which is popular with small kids. (1-4 years)

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Where’s the Ladybug? Let your baby lift the flap and find the animal hiding underneath, A total of five gorgeous pages for kids to explore and find.

The mirror on the last page keeps it interesting. (Ages 0-2 years)

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Counting with a Ladybug Follow the ladybug in the garden trail and count all her friends from one to ten. The rhyming words make this a good read-aloud with toddlers.

Children can explore the touch and explore the finger trail and die-cut pictures. (Ages 2-5 years)

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What the Ladybug Heard Next Read how the quiet ladybug outsmarts the bandits. This humorous story is filled with lots of twists and turns.

Lots of animal pictures make it interesting for kids. (Ages 2-6 years)

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The Grouchy Ladybug We can not make a ladybug book list, without mentioning this very popular book. It delivers the message about being nice to everyone big or small.

The animals and pages get bigger gradually. This helps kids understand the concepts of shape, size, compare, etc. (Ages 2-5 years)

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Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad by Jacky Davis(author) & David Soman(Illustrator).

Ladybug girl Lulu’s friends have come over to play in her backyard. Read how they learn about saying sorry when someone’s feelings get hurt.

The book series is about friendship, loving nature. (Ages 3-6 years)

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Lu, the Little Ladybug That Was Afraid to Fly Little ladybug is too scared to try flying. Read on how other insects provide help her gain the courage to try – caterpillar, ants, butterfly, spider, and others.

A good book to overcome fear. The illustrations are gorgeous and the text is simple enough for preschool to early elementary. (Ages 3-7 years)

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The Very Lazy Ladybug The lazy ladybug does not know how to fly. So it finds one animal after another to rest and move.

However, Each animal’s unique characteristics make it impossible for the ladybug to stay longer. The fun story is suitable for preschool – early elementary.

Kids can play along and do the actions of each animal. Jump like a kangaroo, swing like a monkey, and more. (Ages 3-7 years)

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Ladybug, Ladybug, What Are You Doing? This is a sweet nonfictional book about ladybugs. The sentences are short and simple. The pictures are real-life.

A beginner-friendly read. (Ages 5-6 years)

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Lots of Ladybugs!  Play seek-and-find with ladybug shells and learn skip-counting. A good book to brush up on children’s math skills.

It is a simple read-aloud with big bright pictures. (Ages 4-8 years)

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A Ladybug’s Life provides details about the ladybug’s life and its habitat. The book is full of scientific facts and reads easily.

This book makes a good companion for insect exploring kits. (Ages 5-7 years)

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The Life Cycle of a Ladybug Did you know that there are 4000+ species of ladybugs? And each one has its own color! No, they all don’t come in red and black dotted.

Read many such interesting facts and lifecycle about ladybugs. A gorgeously colorful picture book for beginner readers. (Ages 5-8 years)

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