Pizzas have taken over the world! Now read stories about every kid’s favorite food and learn how to make them. Board books for toddlers, interactive pizza picture books for preschoolers, and kindergarten kids are sure to delight the little ones. The fun rhyming stories are perfect for a read-aloud with family or classroom. There are also pizza activity books to keep elementary kids engaged. Children will learn to make their own pizza following the delicious pizza recipes.

You can find them in your local library or nearby bookstores. If unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

21 Best Pizza Books For Kids

children's pizza books

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Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book - pizza book for kids

Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book

Children will follow the step-by-step instructions and a yummy pizza is ready within minutes. The pull-out tabs make it interesting for kids to ‘make the pizza’ independently. Don’t miss the detachable pizza slice at the end.

Read For: Interactive preschool pizza book | 2-4 years

Pete's a Pizza - pizza book for kids

Pete’s a Pizza

Pete is unhappy. So his father pretends to make ‘pizza’ out of him. The act of kneading, pouring water, etc are sure to make your young ones burst into giggles. Toddlers will enjoy the act of being made a ‘pizza’. While elementary kids would love to enact the activities.

Read For: Fun interactive story Board book | 0-3 years

Pizza Day - pizza book for kids

Pizza Day

How is a pizza prepared? Join the father-son due, as they build one from scratch. Starting with gathering vegetables from the garden, rolling the dough, spreading the cheese. There is also a recipe in the end. A delightful how to make a pizza book.

Read For: Family bonding over pizza-making| 2-6 years

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Pandas Love Pizza - pizza book for kids

Pandas Love Pizza

Teach kids ABCs with food names for each letter. The pictures are super adorable and fuss-free. Make meal-time fun for your picky eater with this board book.

Read For: Learn alphabets with food | 0-3 years

My First Pizza Recipe - pizza book for kids

My First Pizza Recipe

Learn the steps of pizza making through rhymes. Toddlers would love to enact the steps while reciting. There are even lessons on basic shapes. The pictures are colorful. Simple words and small sentences make this book beginner readers friendly. Compliment the reading with a round of pizza-baking sessions.

Read For: Rhyming pizza-making | 0-7 years

Pizza Party! - pizza book for kids

Pizza Party!

There are so many reasons to throw a pizza party. Birthday, your team own, got good grades! Read along with this adorable hand-puppet book. Fun and interactive learning for babies and toddlers.

Read For: Babies and Toddler board book | 0-4 years

Peppa's Pizza Party - pizza book for kids

Peppa’s Pizza Party

Every kid under 6(and above) loves Peppa pig. Now join Peppa and her family as they host a make-your-own-pizza party. The special pizza stickers at the end are added attraction for kids.

Read For: Fun pizza story for Peppa pig lovers | 3-5 years

Every Night Is Pizza Night - pizza book for kids

Every Night Is Pizza Night

Is pizza the best food in the world? Let’s find out with little Pipo. The neighborhood friends join in to stir up different delicious cuisines each night. Pipo learns that the best food is the one loving prepared and shared with people you love.

Read For: Bestselling picture book with different foods | 3-5 years

How To Eat Pizza - pizza book for kids

How To Eat Pizza

There are just so many ways to eat a pizza slice. Read about different types of toppings and cheese you can add to make your favorite food yummy. All these with expert inputs from a pizza slice. A hilarious book with cartoon-type illustrations.

Read For: Humorous preschool and kindergarten book | 3-5 years

Pizza at Sally's - pizza book for kids

Pizza at Sally’s

Where does your favorite food come from? Follow Sally the pizzamakers as she goes on about the business throughout the day. The bright artwork makes it suitable for toddlers’ read-aloud.

Read For: Elementary school food study | 3-7 years

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) - pizza book for kids

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)

The red hen finds a tomato sauce can and wants to make pizza. But none of the friends agree to help. The hen does everything alone and delicious pizza is ready. In the end, it works out. The hen shares and her friends chip in to help.

Read For: Revised retelling of a classic tale | 3-7 years

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party - pizza book for kids

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

Pete the cat is having a pizza party. He wants the perfect pizza and tops up his favorite topics. But then his friends add their own toppings too! Will Pete’s perfect pizza be ruined? A book about sharing for preschoolers and above.

Read For: Bestselling pizza picture book | 4-8 years

Curious George And The Pizza Party - pizza book for kids

Curious George And The Pizza Party

Who does not love curious George! Read on as he goes to a pizza party. What will he end up baking? The illustrations are colorful, There is also a pizza recipe in the end.

Read For: Fun Kindergarten read aloud | 4-7 years

A Pizza with Everything on It - pizza book for kids

A Pizza with Everything on It

A father and son set out to make a huge pizza with everything on it. Chairs, book, pencils, dog-house – literally everything. Find out what happens next in this hilarious wacky tale. A picture book with a story like no other!

Read For: Engaging Family read aloud | 5-8 years

Pizza and Taco - pizza book for kids

Pizza and Taco

A fun comic with two of the kids’ favorite food. Pizza and taco collaborate for making a comic book. But creative differences pop up. How do they work on it? The entire Pizza and Taco series is fun to read with beginner reader-friendly text.

Read For: Hilarious graphic novel series | 5-8 years

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The Princess & the Pepperoni Pizza - pizza book for kids

The Princess & the Pepperoni Pizza

Read this fun spinoff of a popular children’s classic fairy tale. Children will get to choose their own endings. With 12+ possibilities, it provided hours of endless entertainment. The chapters are short enough to compete at one time.

Read For: Fun short stories | 7-12 years

Pizza Activity Books For Kids

Pizza Stickers - pizza book for kids

Pizza Stickers

Let kids have fun with 24 pizza stickers featuring different parts. Pepperoni, mushrooms, onions – all with funny faces are ready to delight the readers. One is never too young or old to use them.

Read For: Fun pizza stickers | 4-8 years

Pizza Coloring and Drawing Book - pizza book for kids

Pizza Coloring and Drawing Book

Let your kids color 15 delicious pizzas. The difficulties vary making the book suitable for a larger age group of kids. Big pages and clean illustrations make coloring fun.

Read For: Pizza coloring activity | 3-8 years

The Ultimate Pizza Activity Book - pizza book for kids

The Ultimate Pizza Activity Book

Read about how ancient greek made the first pizza. Trivia, puzzles, jokes, activities – all in one for the pizza lovers. Kids will love coloring the beautiful drawings, word searches, and all the other pizza games. All the while learning more about it.

Read For: Activity, learning, fun pizza quizzes | 6-12 years

Pizza School - pizza book for kids

Pizza School

Pizza school is in session. Learn all about preparing doughs, toppings, sauces. There are tons of flavors for young chefs to choose from. A book, suitable for pizza-loving tweens and teens.

Read For: Pizza recipes book | 6-12 years

Grow Your Own Pizza - pizza book for kids

Grow Your Own Pizza

Children will learn to grow their own colorful garden just like varieties of pizzas. The names given to each garden type are creative. Each chapter has one garden. Step-by-step instructions, diagrams, easy to follow recipes make this a must-have book.

Read For: Creative gardening, recipes | 8+ years