Learning about plants life cycle is fun. There are just so many projects and hands-on activities children can do. Check out below 17 easy activities suitable for preschool to Grade 2 kids. The simple play-dough and coloring activities can be done by younger kids. Early elementary children can work with the FREE worksheet and learn to keep charts, do germination. As with any hands-on project, parental guidance is must for young kids.

plant life cycle

17 FUN & Educational Plant Life Cycle Activities

1. Plant Life cycle diagram

plant life cycle diagram
image curtesy: smartclass4kids.com

This plant life cycle diagram from smartclass4kids is simple enough even for preschoolers to understand. All six stages of plant life cycles are explained with colorful pictures and interesting texts. Children can take inspiration and make their very own diagram.

2. Sprout some Seeds


Sproute some seeds with kids following this step by step guide from housingaforest.com. The pictures are self-explanatory for young children to follow through.

3. What do Seeds Need to Sprout

Soil, sun, water – what do kids need to sprout? Find out with this easy hands-on project from feelslikehomeblog.com. The materials needed are easily available at home.

4. Watch and learn Plant life Cycle

Watch this small and simple video about plant life cycle from SuperKidzo Tv.

5. Harvesting Seeds

Harvest some seeds from the flowering plant for your next season. This activity is fun and children would love helping in harvesting. kitchencounterchronicle.com teaches you how to. An easy outdoor project with kids.

6. Sprout Seeds in Eggs Carton

germination in egg tray

Egg Carton remains one of the popular places to start seed germination (gardeningknowhow.com). Kids can easily to do this activity with little supervision. Create a daily watering schedule for children. Also teach elementary kids how to keep a plant journal.

7. Watch and Learn Life-Cycle of a Sunflower

Watch this adorable video on life cycle of a sunflower plant with your preschooler and kindergartener.

8. Sunflower Life Cycle Craft

sunflower craft
curtesy: https://www.wikkistix.com/

Create a sunflower life cycle in a paper plate. The activity is small and interesting and can be easily done by kids with an hour.

9. Plant parts and functions

Watch this educational video about plant parts and its functions. Help your child create a diagram of plant parts following this video. curtesy: Homeschool Pop

10. Test your knowledge

Test your child’s understanding of plant life cycle with this simple test from liveworksheets.com

11. Flower life cycle with Play dough

playdough flower

Let your children have fun with this sensory flower Life cycle activity using playdough from abcsofliteracy.com. A perfect example of fun and learning rolled into one for preschool and kindnergarten kids.

12. FREE Worksheet for Plant Life cycle

Here are some FREE worksheets for plant life cycle from superstarworksheets.com. It has different versions in it depending on kids age group and maturity level. Use the coloring pages for beginner learners. Elder children can use the blank templates.

13. Free Printables for drawing and journaling

Here are some more free printables for coloring and journaling from adannadill.com. There are plenty of spaces for kids to get creative.

14. Lesson Plan

Check out these lesson plans for learning life cycle of plants from education.com. It includes few helpful worksheet and some instructions.

15. Flower life cycle

Everyone loves flowers. These crafts with flower life cycle are super fun and easy to do. Step by step instructions with easy words – even preschoolers can follow these easily.

16. Parts of flower

flower craft

Learn about all flower parts – root, stem, leaf. Let children use their own chart using sticks, glues, color, scissor. This simple activity is suitable for 3-6 year-olds. Curtesy: naturalbeachliving.com.

17. Plant Study Unit Plan for K-1

Check out this plant study Unit plant from teacherspayteachers. It is a comprehensive paid material with lots of photos, how-to’s, printables and observation guides.