Kids love picture books. They are perfect for reading aloud – in the classroom or at bedtime. Here is a list of short & good picture books for 2nd and 3rd graders. These books are highly recommended by parents, teachers and are a favorite with kids. Scroll down to see different sections.

best read aloud picture books For 2nd & 3rd Grades

2nd and 3rd grader picture books

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Here is a great collection of best read aloud picture books.

Funny Books

hilarious read-aloud picture book for 2nd and 3rd graders

The Boring Book

If your child is complaining all the time about being bored(as most children are), give this book. It has excellent explanations about being bored with humorous drawings. The fast pace of the book and smart humor makes this book a wonderful read. A perfect laugh riot picture book for children in grades 2 & 3.

Age: 5 to 8 years | Add humor to the boredom

fun read aloud for 2nd grade

The Couch Potato

It encourages kids to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Play with friends outside or go for a ride on your bike. A great humorous book telling kids to balance indoor and outdoor life.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Humuours book with a great lesson about spending time outdoors.

humorous read aloud for 3nd grade

How Not to Start Third Grade

Will is super excited about starting third grade. But then his little brother is also starting kindergarten. It is definitely not fun to start a new school year with a troublesome brother.

Age: 7 to 9 years | Start 3rd year on a hilarious note

laugh riot read aloud for kids

Never EVER Tickle a Turkey

What happens if you tickle a turkey? Read and find in this laugh riot picture book. Each reason gets funnier and sillier than the other.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Short and humorous picture book.

The Rodeo Mouse - 2nd and 3rd grade picture book

The Rodeo Mouse

Learn how to creatively solve problems. Overcome challenges and find success. Read how a little mouse makes the perfect escaping plan. The text rhymes.

Age: 3 to 8 years | A humorous read about solving problems

a picture book for 4 to 8 years

Grandpa’s Teeth

Grandpa has lost his designer teeth. The whole town has to smile widely to prove that they have not taken it. But who is the real thief? A funny story- that is perfect for a classroom read-aloud. The cartoon pictures add to the story well. The twist in the book also leaves children with a beautiful message in the end.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Funny read about grandpa’s missing teeth

read aloud spider picture books for 2ndf and 3rd graders

I’m Trying to Love Spiders

Is your 2nd or 3rd grader scared of spiders? This book is a must-have to learn about all the amazing spidey facts. The connections made with maths with all things around us are a big plus. The book is engaging, perfect for a group read-aloud.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Nonfiction humorous book about spider

a read aloud picture book for 2nd & 3rd graders

If I Built a School

A boy Jack tells his teacher the kind of school he would build if put in charge. The narration is quite descriptive completed with transportation pod, zoo, glass tubes, etc. The imagination here has no bounds. The rhyming is engaging, and the illustrations are delightful.

A funny picture book encouraging students to be creative, use imagination, and never shy away from expressing themselves. An ideal read-aloud session can be followed by the creative activity of designing an imaginary school.

Age: 5 to 8 years | Funny book about a boy’s imagination

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Read aloud Picture books - 2nd & 3rd Grades Nonfiction

Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey

This picture book is about a New York City icon. The real story about a fireboat intrigues children from the very beginning. John J. Harvey fireboat was one of the best boats, but it became redundant by 1995. Read on how the book took part in the rescue post 9/11 incident. This picture book is just perfect to teach any third grader about heroism.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Real story about a boat

nonfiction 2nd and 3rd grade read aloud picture book

Where Did My Clothes Come From?

Cotton, fleece, jeans, knitted – teach your child where do all types of clothes come from. The book does an excellent job of explaining each type of clothing. Small sentences and accompanied by clear and beautiful pictures.

Age: 5 to 8 years | Educational and awareness

civil rights read aloud for second and third grade classroom

Without Separation

A book about segregation and how it affected the Mexican community. Roberto and his other Mexican friends were stopped going to their regular school one day. Instead, they were asked to attend a new school made for Mexicans. Based on real events this picture book follows the journey.

Age: 7 to 10 years | Classroom read-aloud about civil rights.

Math mystery - Read aloud Picture books - 2nd & 3rd Grades Nonfiction

Fun-Schooling Math Mysteries & Practice Problems with Minecraft

This picture book is a great way to practice math if your child loves Minecraft. Solve all the Minecraft mysteries using maths. Hunt for clues and unveil secrets along with your favorite Minecraft characters. This book is suitable for independent working for 3rd graders.

Age: 8 to 12 years | have fun learning mysteries of maths

Afgrican Ametican Read aloud Picture books - 2nd & 3rd Grades Nonfiction

Counting on Katherine

Want to know about how one African American woman contributed to Nasa’s Apollo 13 success? Read all about how Katherine Johnson – a mathematical genius made sure that Apollo 13 returned home safely. With easy language and Illustrations, the book narrates how math helped in sending a rocket to space. One of the best picture books for early Elementary level classroom read-aloud.

Age: 5 to 9 years | Biography

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The Day You Begin

We are all unique in our ways, which can make us feel alone sometimes. This book acknowledges that and suggests the reader share stories as a coping strategy. The pictures are soothing and pleasantly colorful. A relatable book for elementary grade kids and above.

Age: 5 years and above | Personal growth

maths fun picture book for 6-9 years

A Place for Zero

A fine book explaining the concept of place and face value for young ones. Zero does not have any friend in the land of Digitaria. Then he discovers multiplication and sets out to find King Multiplus. The illustrations of the digits are cute.

Age: 6 to 9 years | Maths adventure

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Be You!

A book reminding young children to be what they truly are, in this screen age. The illustrations are a work of art and make turning pages a joy. A heartfelt message about acceptance and just being oneself. A touching read-aloud book for preschool to 3d graders.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Book for self-acceptance

Realistic Fiction

Read aloud picture book for 2nd and 3rd graders - realistic fiction

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

A picture book about growing up and owning your actions. This story is about a girl who never made mistakes. She was celebrated in her town for being perfect. However, one day she ends up making a huge mistake. And finally, she realizes that making mistakes is just part of life.

The lesson here is not to take yourself seriously and let mistakes get into one’s head – a much-needed lesson for today’s internet-obsessed generation. The pictures complement the very simple storyline well.

Age: 4 to 8 years | A perfect read-aloud to learn nobody is perfect

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Realistic fiction picture book for 4-8 years

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

This book is about sibling rivalry and love. Patricia’s elder brother can do everything better than her – run the fastest, climb the highest, and many more. Read on to find out what happens when little Patricia wishes on a shooting star. The colorful and vivid pictures make the story alive.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Siblings love

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I Choose to Try Again

This picture book talks about the power to choose. And also how it is well worth the effort to try. Told from a small child Kiara’s point of view, it encourages kids to try again, after each failure.

Age: 4 to 12 years | Self-empowerment book

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The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

Read the adventure of Beekle, an imaginary friend. However, it is not a typical children’s fantasy book. Instead, leaves enough unsaid throughout the story, and lets children make connections between real and imaginary worlds. It is considered one of the most beautifully illustrated children’s books in recent times.

Age: 7 and above | where fantasy meets reality

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Mrs Mack

Patricia’s father takes her to a stable to learn to ride. She has her inhibitions about the place and horses there. However, kind Mrs. Mack and a chestnut mare named Penny make her realize the mistake of forming a biased opinion about people. Eventually, she conquers her fear, learns to ride. The story is charming. The rich watercolor illustrations make reading the book a delight.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Realistic fiction book for Personal growth

Fantasy books

Read aloud Picture books - 2nd & 3rd Grades Fantasy

Wilbur’s Adventure: A Charlotte’s Web Picture Book

This charming picture book narrates the story of Wilbur escaping from his pen in Charlotte’s Web classic. All the animals of the barn have plenty of advice for Wilbur. The animals’ illustrations are appealing to young kids.

Age: 5 to 8 years | Animal fictional stories

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This one is a charming retelling of the popular Cinderella story. Only this time told from the Caribbean and a grandmother’s point of view. The illustrations are magical. Narrated with a touch of sarcasm, it is made appealing to young readers.

Age: 5 to 10 years | Fairy tale with diversity

Read aloud Picture books - 2nd & 3rd Grades Fantasy with animal character

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Pete the Cat is one of the best picture book series in early elementary grades. In this story- Pete the Cat goes down the road wearing his favorite white shoes. The pair of shoes change colors from white to red to brown and more. But Pete the Cat does not let it ruin its day. The readers are asked questions about different color foods, objects. The arts are funky and the colors are bright. A book for all age kids, especially special needs children.

Age: 4 to 8 years | Perfect for Special kids

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Christmas Books

Read aloud Picture books - 2nd & 3rd Grades Christmas

The Trees of the Dancing Goats

A nice story about sharing and neighborly love. This picture book brings Christmas and Hanukkah together. The story starts with a small girl Trisha, realizing that – while they are preparing to celebrate Hanukkah, their neighboring family can not celebrate Christmas, as all are down with fever. As Trisha agrees to share her favorite Hanukkah decorations with their neighbor, she learns the joy of giving – the true meaning of holidays and festivities.

Age: 5 to 8 years | Christmas, Hanukkah story about sharing

a Halloween picture book for 2nd & 3rd graders

Big Pumpkin

This one is a spooky Halloween picture book for early elementary students. A witch has grown a very big pumpkin for making pie for herself. But no one can move it from the ground. The witch, mummy, vampire – everyone tries and fails. How does a small bat succeed? The characters are funny, and the dialogues are hilarious. The illustrations are spot on with the right amount of humor and spooky. Readers will leave with an important moral lesson of teamwork.

Age: 4 to 8 years | A Halloween fiction with witches, vampires

More Picture Books

Picture books are a great way to introduce children to independent reading. They work as a perfect stepping stone to beginner level reading. Find more Picture Books below.

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