Reusable stickers are one of the best activity set a child can have. They are fun, creative, and can be played many times over. However, it is wise to invest in a good quality reusable sticker book since not all the sticker books claiming to be ‘reusable’ – are truly so.

Here is a list of the best reusable sticker books – highly recommended by parents. Children aged 2-12 years can play with them, with little supervision as required.

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17 Reusable Sticker Books for Toddlers and Kids

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Short on time? Here are the three sticker books we absolutely love. Click on the pictures for details.

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Check out these 17 fun sticker books loves by kids ages 2 to 10.

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Stickers for Kids

This sticker book has three colorful sticker sheets – vehicles, My body, ocean animals. The stickers are made of PVC material and are reusable.

Your child can stick them to any surface and take them out without leaving a glue trace. The size is perfect even for 2-year-olds to play with them.

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Reusable Sticker Pads Set

This Melissa & Doug set has four adorable sticker sets – fairies. princess castle, dress-up, play-house.

Each pad comes with five background scenes made of thicker cardboard and five sheets of reusable stickers.

The stickers are made of vinyl and can be repositioned easily. This sticker book is more suitable for kids – 3 years and above.

A perfect gift for kids on any occasion.

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Non-Adhesive Stickers

This reusable sticker book from Giggles and Pebbles contains 3 scenarios – Magic Kingdom, Tea party, Pet resort.

The stickers are made with advanced technology, and do not lose their adhesiveness soon. They stick to any flat surface without leaving residue or mess.

Children can play for many hours decorating the scenes with 120+ stickers.

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Puffy Sticker Activity Books Set – Farm, Safari, and Chipmunk

This one is a sticker play set with three packs of different themes- Safari (42 stickers), Chipmunk (75), and Farm (52).

The bright and colorful stickers are perfect for imaginative play for kids age 4 and above. The stickers are reusable and last a long time when used on any smooth surface.

Check out other puffy stickers from Melissa & Doug- with various other themes of animals, vehicles, etc.

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Reusable Sticker Pad: Farm – 280+ Stickers, 5 Scenes

If your child loves farm animals and activities, this reusable sticker pad is a perfect choice. 5 scenes and 280+ stickers are enough to keep your little one engaged for long.

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The Ultimate Sticker Book Animals

This sticker book is for animal-loving kids. There are more than 250+ stickers of all types of animals –  from mammals to fish.

The animals are also divided into pages- based on the region it is native of. Amazing facts next to each animal, make this one a fun learning activity.

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Sticker Friends: Christmas

If you are looking for a Christmas sticker book for your child, this one is a good choice.

With more than 300+ reusable stickers of Santa, Rudolph, elves, presents, Christmas trees, stars etc – this book has all. Suitable for age 3 to 6 years.

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Baby Animals: 400 Reusable Stickers

This sticker book has 400 + sticker of adorable baby animals. Children can stick the stickers in the glossy illustrated background, creating beautiful scenes.

These brightly pictured reusable stickers can be stuck, only on books, leaving other places like table etc messfree.

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Jumbo Stickers: Outer Space

This Jumbo sticker book has every kind of stickers about outer space. There is a total of 75 reusable vinyl stickers. The book has 22 pages with a space background.

Let your child create beautiful out-of-the-world experiences with planets, aliens, astronauts, spaceships, asteroids, etc stickers.

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Dinosaur Hidden Pictures Puffy Sticker Playscenes

Kids love Dinosaurs. Let your child find the hidden objects in the picture puzzle and mark them with big puffy stickers.

Decorate the dinosaurs with different things like – hats, mustaches. There are a total of 50+ stickers.

Best suitable for the age group of 3 to 6, this sticker book provided many hours of prehistoric fun.

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Disney Frozen Ultimate Sticker Collection

This Disney sticker book features popular Frozen characters.

Visit the kingdom of Arendelle and join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Sven on their magical adventures from Frozen and Frozen 2.

This sticker collection has more than 1000 stickers. This one is a sure-shot hit with Frozen crazy kids.

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Reusable Sticker Book for Collecting Stickers

This package contains one sticker album for collecting stickers and 40 reusable puffy stickers.

The pages of the album are glossy. So kids can easily take out the stickers and put them back.

Each page has a different scene – park, farm, airport, etc. Children can choose the page they want to play with. The size of the album is perfect for on the go.

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Funny Faces Sticker Fun

Let your child unleash creativity with this reusable sticker book.

Use 200+ reusable stickers of eyes, noses, mouths, and other funny facial features and create funny and crazy characters.

So let your child make a superhero with vampire teeth, a cowboy with crossed eyes, a robot with a goatee, etc. This sticker book is suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.

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Puffy Sticker Play Set: Cool Careers Activity

Your child can understand the different career options available with this Melissa & Doug career sticker book.

The set contains 100+ reusable puffy stickers along with 10 scenes in a spiral-bound book.

The book is quite thick to handle the rough wear and tear. The easy-to-carry handle makes it easier to carry along. A perfect companion for a trip.

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On the Farm – 52 Reusable Stickers, 2 Fold-Out Scenes

This one is a Farm sticker pad with 52 reusable puffy stickers that come on a clear plastic sheet.

Let your child be creative and decorate the farm scenes as he or she wishes. It is a great choice for independent play to keep toddlers busy for a longer duration.

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Doug Reusable Sticker Pads Set: Adventure

Melissa & Doug sticker activity pads are hugely popular with toddlers and above.

This sticker pad contains five extra-large colorful background scenes with 245+ repositionable stickers.

The background scenes are – pirate, medieval, space, deep sea, and wild west. There are enough vinyl stickers to make different scenes on each board.

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Mermaid Kingdom

This one is a good sticker activity book for kids who likes mermaid. Go on an underwater adventure of mermaid kingdom with the mermaid sisters with loads of games, puzzles, sticker activities.

With 1000+ reusable stickers, your child can create many different scenes each time.

Watch this reusable sticker pad video from Melissa and Doug