Check these amazing science fiction books for middle school. Middle graders everywhere are crazy about aliens, superheroes, and everything Sci-Fi. Reading science fiction books is a great way to spark creativity and imagination for kids. The protagonist in these books is usually a girl or a boy, helping others, fighting evils, saving planets. Even though written for 11-13 year-olds, these sci-fi books are sure to appeal to everyone. Here is a great collection of science fiction reads for 6th to 8th graders.

25 Science Fiction Books For Middle School Grades 6-8

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Check out the list of 25 best middle school sci fi books- perfect for 6th, 7th, 8th graders.

Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy

Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy. Seventh-grader, Jack’s school is mysteriously attacked. To survive, Jack and other classmates get into a spaceship built by Jack’s scientist father. However, things go a little out of hand, when Jack steers the spaceship moves 100 light-years away, and directly into the alien’s clutch. How do they get back home to the Earth? This one is a hilarious Sci-Fi your middle grader would not want to put down.

We’re Not from Here

We're Not from Here - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

We’re Not from Here. Earth is not livable anymore. So humanity moves to a new planet called Choom. The existing residents of the planet are giant mosquito-like creatures called Zhuri. They don’t like humans and don’t understand any emotion. Read how will humans survive there in this thought-provoking and funny Geoff Rodkey book. The characters are genderless, making this science fiction appealing to both boys and girls equally.

The Lion of Mars

The Lion of Mars - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

The Lion of Mars. How would it be living on Mars in near future? Find out in this book by Jennifer L. Holm. Understand the challenges of living on Mars with Bell, an 11-years-old boy. Things are not smooth, with the challenge in getting supplies, surviving windstorms, the politics. And then there is a virus outbreak threatening everyone’s existence. Now it is up to Bell to uncover the truth and save the entire planet.

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe. This science fiction is set in the Cuban community in Miami. The protagonist boy Sal has type 1 diabetes, and he does not have a mom (not in this universe anyway). Sal can although can pull her from other universes through his magic. But things always don’t go as planned – sometimes a different version of her or different things turn up. And then there is Gabi, student council president. Read this first book from the middle school sci-fi graphic novel series.

Eighth Grade vs. the Machines

Eighth Grade vs. the Machines - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

Eighth Grade vs. the Machines. The entire population of Earth is whisked away by the aliens. Eighth-grader Jack, his classmates, and teachers aboard the PSS 118 are the only humans left. They need to find and rescue the human population. But need to tackle the evil aliens and robots first. Take a trip across the galaxy in this new sci-fi middle school fiction.

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat. Klawde, the cat is the High Commander of the planet Lyttyrboks. he has an entire world of warlike cats at his command. However, he has been sent on exile to a small planet named Earth. There the feline meets Raj, a boy who newly moved to Oregon, and has no friends. The two unlikely friends plot together to find a way to get Raj out of the nature camp he does not want to attend and send Klawde back to his planet. Find out what happens next in this funny read for 9 to 12-year-olds.

The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel

The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel. This is the first book from the popular science fiction series, Maximum Ride by James Patterson. Maximum Ride (Max) and her group are kids with wings and can fly. When Angel gets kidnapped, they try to rescue her. Read the challenges the team faces on the way. Now, max also needs ti to save the world. A supernatural series your child would love.

Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall

Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall - a middle grade sci-fi book

Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall. This award-winning book is about an alien boy. Twelve-year-old Ben Archer is witness to a UFOs crash into the fields next to his grandfather’s house. When the government’s cover-up plan creates trouble, Ben flees with the alien from UFO, called Mesmo. Why did the aliens come to Earth in the first place? Read in this easy chapter book from the popular Sci-Fi series, The Alien Skill Series.

Sonny Starr Versus The Spacetime Conspiracy

Sonny Starr Versus The Spacetime Conspiracy - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

Sonny Starr Versus The Spacetime Conspiracy. Six graderPtolemy “Sonny” Starr is a wiz at simulated space flight and gets admission to the United Nations Space Academy. There are other kids also from across the Globe, in this program. However, they all become unknowingly part of a secret program to eventually evacuate from the Earth. The young astronauts are sent on a test space travel, without any plan of bringing them back. The story is an adventure filled with meeting with aliens, trusting each other, and teamwork.

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine

Sascha Martin's Time Machine - image of a sci-fi books for middle schoolers

Sascha Martin’s Time Machine. Sascha Martin’s new invention – the time machine ends up taking her and all her classmates and teachers to prehistoric times. The time travel back 12,000 years ago ends up having to deal with day-to-day challenges – not being eaten is the first one. This engaging science fiction book is for struggling readers.

Trapped in a Video Game

Trapped in a Video Game - a middle school science fiction book

Trapped in a Video Game. The best-selling series – Trapped in a Video Game needs no introduction to the science- fiction loving kids. Jesse Rigsby and his friend Eric get sucked in a video game. If they can not figure out soon enough what is going on, they will be trapped in there forever.

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time - Middle grade sci-fi

A Wrinkle in Time. This 1963 Newbery Medal winner is the story of the adventures in space and time. Is there such a thing as a tesseract – a wrinkle in time? What is the mystery behind the disappearance of Meg’s father, a scientist, who was engaged in secret work for the government on the tesseract problem? Read this story to find out how Meg saves her father and brother.

The City of Ember

Science fiction book for grades 6-8 - The City of Ember

The City of Ember. The city of Ember was built as the last place for the humans to take refuge. Two hundred years later, the place is in danger. Lina and her friend Doon must find a way to save the place and the human race. This book provides a peek into the post-apocalyptic world. If your child likes it, check out others from the series.

Onyx Kids Adventures: Planet Bandits

Middle school sci-fi book - Onyx Kids Adventures: Planet Bandits

Onyx Kids Adventures: Planet Bandits. Shiloh’s favorite toy is stolen by bandits from another planet. Read the adventurous space travel of brother-sister duo – Shiloh and Shasha as they go chasing aliens across the galaxy. Spooky creatures and many such unexpected encounters make their journey memorable. The illustrations are interesting and humorous. This sci-fi series is for reluctant readers.

The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot - middle school science fiction book

The Wild Robot. Robot Roz finds herself alone on a remote, wild island. To survive, she ends up befriending animals and adapts to nature. However, things change when humans start destroying nature. The book showcases the ill use of technology in human hands.

The Roar

Middle school science fiction - The Roar

The Roar. Humans are at war with nature. And now the animals are affected by Plague and turned into beasts, killing humans. To survive, humans built a walled city and started poisoning the animals outside. Then there is the corrupt government plan and twins Mika and Ellie separated by conspiracies. Trying to find out a way to unite, they end up uncovering dangerous secrets. This mystery sci-fi is full of twists and turns. The complex plot is more suitable for advanced middle graders.


Sci-fi book for middle grade - Primer

Primer. 13-years-old Ashley Rayburn ended up in foster care after her father is sent to prison. There she chances upon a set of body-paints that can give her a superpower. But the government agency that made the paints want them back. Find out if Ashley would give away her superpower and also protect her new family.


Sleepers - science fiction book for grades 6-8

Sleepers. Jake Rose is half human and half alien – a test tube baby. Having been raised on planet Rison all his childhood, he has been evacuated to Earth when a science experiment goes wrong. There he ends up solving the mystery of his kidnapped mother and ends up sabotaging the evil plans of other humans. This is the first book from The Blue Planets World Series.

AREA 51 UFO Maintenance and Repair Manual

AREA 51 UFO Maintenance and Repair Manual - middle grade science fiction book

AREA 51 UFO Maintenance and Repair Manual. What would you do when you get your hands on a classified manual misplaced by a UFO technician working at AREA 51. Cleverly integrated mazes within the parts and components of alien spaceships, this is a fun book for kids.

The Owls Have Come to Take Us Away

6th-8th grade science fiction book - The Owls Have Come to Take Us Away

The Owls Have Come to Take Us Away. Twelve-year-old Simon thinks he was abducted by aliens. Find out if it is for real or the imagination of a super active child’s mind. The writing is clever and keeps the suspense alive throughout the book.

Swans in Space

Middle Grade science fiction book - Swans in Space

Swans in Space. Corona and Lan get recruited into the Space Patrol team and are responsible for helping the needy across the galaxy. Go on an adventure with the kids as they travel through space to help friends in trouble.

The Time Museum

Science fiction book for grades 6-8 - The Time Museum

The Time Museum. Working in the Time Museum is fun and challenging, as twelve-year-old Delia finds. She gets to meet kids from different eons of time – starting with cave boys, girls to kids from the distant future. The job of defending the time museum is challenging, demanding all their combined skillset and teamwork. If your child enjoys this sci-fi story, check out the sequel.

The Vanished (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #2)

Middle grade science fiction novel - The Vanished

The Vanished. Talented young girls across the world are going missing. Shuri, the Princess of Wakanda, sets out to unravel the mystery and rescue the kids with the help of her power, aided by of science and technology. Check out all the books from this popular science fiction series, Black Panther.

Black Panther The Young Prince

Middle school sci fi book - Black Panther The Young Prince

Black Panther The Young Prince. Twelve-year-old T’Challa lives in his home of Wakanda, an isolated, technologically advanced African nation. Packed off to attend the South Side Middle School in Chicago, T’Challa and his friend find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Even with a high-tech suit and a Vibranium ring, they may not be prepared enough. When strange things start happening in the school, T’Challa finds himself in the middle of an evil plan.

Gamora and Nebula: Sisters in Arms

Middle school sci-fi - Gamora and Nebula: Sisters in Arms

Gamora and Nebula: Sisters in Arms. Two sisters, Gamora and Nebula are rivals and plan to collect the heart of the planet. Daughters of one of the galaxy’s most legendary warriors, they have enough superpower to complete the task. But unknowingly, the sisters end up being part of a twisted competition, where they must trust each other first to survive. This one is an adventurous tale of superpowers. Fans of Marvel comics are sure to love it.

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