Sheep are independent, playful, social, mischievous. And of course an adorable cuddle ball, just like your like one! Kids love playing with sheep. Here are a handful of sheep and lamb books for you to read with your little one. From babies to early elementary. there are books for all age groups.

Sheep In A Jeep! And Other Sheep & Lambs Books

Sheep books for kids

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Here is a great collection of Sheep and Lamb books for toddlers, preschooler, kindergarten kids that will help your little one to learn more about these animals.

You can borrow them from your local library or find in nearest bookstore. If they are unavailable locally, you can click on the links or images below to purchase from Amazon.

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Mary Had a Little Lamb is a board book based on the popular nursery rhyme. Follow Mary and her adorable little lamb around the town.

The lamb finger puppet helps children interact with the story in a playful manner. A book your little one would adore. (Ages 1-4 years)

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Sheep Go to Sleep is from the popular Sheep in a Jeep series.

Its nighttime. Little sheep is just not ready to go to bed yet. The sheepdog meets all the demands of the little sheep. A hug, water, blanket – whatever the little sheep needs!

A perfect book to tuck in your demanding little one. (Ages 1-3 years). Other books from the series, we love-

Sheep have nearly 360 degree vision

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Little Lamb is part of the Mini Look at Me Books. In this picture book, the mother Lamb teaches her baby about the world. And how to protect self. The pictures narrate the story well.

The book is tiny enough to be held by baby hands. The small size helps to carry it along. (Ages 1-3 years)

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No Sleep for the Sheep! A tired sheep wants to sleep. But is getting interrupted by the constant arrival of other barn animals at the door. Duck, goat, pig, cow, horse! One louder than the other.

And finally, when they fall asleep, the rooster starts its morning routine! The text is lyrical with plenty of repetition. A good book to teach your toddler or preschooler about barn animals. (Ages 2-4 years)

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Lily & Baa in Paris is the story about a little girl and her trusted companion, a sheep. They are off the explore Paris! Hop in and visit the famous monuments of France. Sight, sound, food – all you need to feed the ever-curious minds of your little one.

This book is a must-have if you are planning to visit Paris with your preschooler, kindergartener. (Ages (3-7 years)

US Presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison raised sheep

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Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep is the story of a friendship between two unlikely animal characters. An adorable sheep thinks of herself as the guardian of all the sheep. Till she meets the Sheepdog one day.

Now the sheep wants to prove that she is the actual protector of the other sheep. And ends up creating more trouble. The sheepdog comes to the rescue.

The characters and expressions are super cute. There are only 1-2 lines per page. Suitable for new readers. (Ages 4-8 years)

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SHEEP Coloring Book is a coloring book for elementary kids. The pages are filled with adorable illustrations. Plenty of sheep and lamb pictures to color.

Sheep & Lamb Activities For Kids

Read-along the book Sheep In A Jeep

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