Check out these amazing handpicked outer space theme books for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids can play with and identify different space objects from the book and learn in the process. Read to your child the fun facts about the moon, stars while looking for them in the night sky.

For kids aged 5 years and above, check out these space books for K-3rd grades here.

16 Best SPACE Books For Toddlers & Preschoolers (0-4 Years)

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Space Books For Toddlers & Preschoolers(0-4 Years)

Check out these fun and fact filled board and picture books about outer space for 0-4 Years old.

Nerdy Babies

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Nerdy Babies. Take your toddler on a trip around the solar system and check out the moon, sun, other planets. Simple and small tidbits about gravity and other outer space-related topics are enough to keep your curious child engaged.

The illustrations of astronauts are of small kids and represent different gender, races. Hence, kids from different backgrounds can relate to the book better.

8 Little Planets

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8 Little Planets Read and discuss how each planet of the solar system is unique. What makes Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, and others different from each other. The book stresses how each planet is happy being what they are – a great lesson for anyone indeed!

The language is in playful verse, and the pictures are vibrant. The die-cut shapes of each planet make this board book a favorite with 2-3 year-olds.

My Best Pop-up Space Book

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My Best Pop-up Space Book. Blast off into the outer space along with this pop-up space book. Your child would surely love the sound button on the cover of the book that is embedded on each page as well.

Each page has a big picture of one member of the solar system, along with fun bites- suitable for small kids. This interactive book is sure to keep your young one engaged for a long time.

Good Night Solar System

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Good Night Solar System. Go on a trip to the solar system and explore the Milky Way, the Sun, the Moon, the planets with this book. Say goodnight to each one of them, before drifting off to sleep. Designed to be suitable for 0-3 years age, this board book is a soothing read before bedtime.

Hello, World! Solar System

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Hello, World! Solar System. Teach your child all about the sun, moon, stars, and planets. Your kid will learn about the color, shapes, size of these objects along with some simple fun facts.

There are prompts on each page to help kids engage in the read-aloud time. So your child would learn to recognize the planetary objects easily.

ABCs of Space

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ABCs of Space. Learn J is for Jupiter. Now your child would learn and associate alphabets with different parts of outer space. The concept is good, and the design of the book is suitable for small kids. Each page of the book has one alphabet and a space concept. It is never too early to start with astrophysics for kids!

There is other information as well, which your child would appreciate more in a few years. This board book is sure to grow with your kid.

Look, There’s a Rocket!

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Look, There’s a Rocket!. Let your child explore space in a rocket with this board book. Your baby would love to find the holes and turning the page to find what the holes become.

This interactive board book keeps kids engaged in the story. There are very few pages, and the pictures are bright, making this book suitable for 0-4 years.

I Heart Pluto

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I Heart Pluto. In child-friendly language, this book explains why Pluto is no longer a planet. However, that’s not all – Pluto has other friends to hang out with within the solar system. The story states how it is all right not to fit in.

A fact and fun-filled planet book, this one is super adorable. The die-cut shapes are perfect to grab the attention of small kids.

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Space

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Pop-Up Peekaboo! Space. Take a trip to the moon along with Daisy and Danny. Whizz past space station and find a surprise! Children can lift the flap and discover different space objects around.

The pictures are bright and the text is in rhyme. Let the fun learning time about space begin!

Where’s the Astronaut?

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Where’s the Astronaut? Let your child lift the flaps and discover hidden space friends. The flaps are made of felt, making them unique. There is a mirror under the final flap, making the tour complete. Kids can ‘read’ the book or play by themselves.

There is very little text, making this easy for young ones. Pages are robust enough to handle the wear and tear.

What’s Out There?

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What’s Out There?: A Book about Space. Teach your preschooler about the basic phenomenons of the solar system with this book. What is the Sun made of? What causes the shapes change of the moon? How do day and night happen? Learn the names of the planets and a few fun, easy facts about them. The illustrations are childish and also realistic.

One Giant Leap

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One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong. Read the inspiring story of a small boy’s dream – a dream that landed him more than 200,000 miles away on the moon. Starting with the childhood of Neil Armstrong, this book chronicles the journey of the legend with important milestones. Read to your child- how Neil, as a kid, spent his free time reading flying magazines, building model airplanes. He earned his student pilot’s license at 16 years of age, paying for it by doing odd jobs.

Floating in Space

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Floating in Space. Did you know that astronauts never jump in space, and they usually drink out of straws? Read all the detailed information about living, eating, and working in space. Also, know how to repair a Hubble telescope. This fun space book is for curious kids.

To the Moon and Back

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To the Moon and Back. Your child will learn the fun facts about astronauts, space travel, and the Moon in this interactive board book. Sliding tabs, spinner wheels, and lift-a-flaps would keep your young one engaged during the read-aloud. Beautiful illustrations and real-life pictures make this book a fascinating read.

Planets and the Solar System

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Planets and the Solar System. Read and explore the planets of the solar system in this board book. The pages are sturdy, with the planet pictures having a texture for touch and feel. The visuals are stunning. Also, learn fascinating little tidbits about each planet.

Moon Landing

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Moon Landing. Read aloud to your 0-4 years-old, the story about the moon landing. What all did the astronauts wear while going to the moon? With simple language and only a few lines on each page, this book narrates the complete story of Apollo 11 with the NASA team, rocket modules, astronauts – all included.