16 best Sports Picture Books for children in grades 1-3! Read the inspiring story of sugar plantation workers’ kids winning Olympic swimming gold. Or go on a trip with former NFL star Peyton Manning. The stories are fun and easy to read with amazing illustrations. Choose a picture book based on your 6-8 year old’s interest. Let the fun time begin!

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16 Best Sports Picture Books For Grades 1-3 (6-8 Years)

sports picture books for 1st-3rd graders

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Check out the list of best sports picture books for kids 6-8 years.

sports picture book - Family Huddle

1. Family Huddle sports picture book is based on some of the Peyton Mannings’ memories from their days in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Join in with Eli, Peyton, Cooper, their mother Olivia, and father- former NFL star Archie Manning, as they go on a family trip to their grandparent’s place. The journey is made fun with games of buttonhook, quarterback sneak, and hook and ladder.

sports picture book - Sakamoto's Swim Club

2. Sakamoto’s Swim Club is the an inspirational early reader sports picture book. Read the story of how a little-known coach Sakamoto took a group of sugar plantation workers’ children and built a swimming team that went on to win the Olympic gold.

Soichi Sakamoto was a local science teacher and using science, he built innovative techniques to train a group of kids who have never been formally trained.

This book takes children to experience the lush Hawaiian setting and brings the story alive. The text is in lyrical format, making it a fun read-aloud for early elementary – 1st-3rd graders.

sports picture book - Emmanuel's Dream - 1st to 3rd graders

3. Emmanuel’s Dream story celebrates triumph over adversity in sports and life. It is the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, who was born with one deformed leg.

Encouraged by his mother, he worked towards fulfilling his dreams – played soccer and finally became a cyclist.

He rode four hundred miles across Ghana in 2001, spreading his powerful message- disability is not inability.

sports picture book - Salt in His Shoes -a sports book for 1st to 3rd graders

4. Salt in His Shoes is a nonfiction sports picture book. Read the heartwarming story of the making of Michael Jordon – written by Deloris Jordan, mother of the basketball legend, and his sister Roslyn. It is a story of inspiration, patience, never give up attitude.

The story is written for young children in age-appropriate words and beautiful illustrations. It encourages kids to have the courage to pursue their goals. Suitable for children from grade 1 it is a must-read for your sports-loving child.

sports picture book - A Running Back Can't Always Rush

5. A Running Back Can’t Always Rush is a fictional funny story about a child Danny. He is fast on the football field but forgets to slow down while doing other activities. This gets him in trouble. The story is humorous. And short chapters are suitable for early readers.

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sports picture book - Hockey night in Kenya

6. Hockey Night in Kenya narrates the story of a Kenyan orphan Kitoo. He chances upon a book with the Canadian national men’s ice hockey team. Kitoo falls in love with Hockey. But how do you play hockey in Kenya? Read and find out! Check more children’s hockey books here.

sports picture book - The Sports News is ON

7. The Sports News Is On! is an early reader book for sports-loving kids. It has five fictional sports news program – baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football.

The special text format and color helps in reading skill development. Details about team composition, scores, play by play description – keep the kids engaged.

sports picture book - She Persisted in Sports -for 1st to 3rd graders

8. She Persisted in Sports is a rare female-centric sports book for kids. It features young women athletes who succeeded despite odds.

The author described how each woman persisted in sports and succeeded. Representation of African American athletes gives his book a highly appreciated touch of diversity.

Even though the role models are women, this book is suitable for boys too. A powerful read indeed!

sports picture book - Stephen Curry

9. Stephen Curry is for the basketball-loving primary graders. Read the inspiring story of NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

The fully illustrated story tells the journey of the legend from school days to the heights of success. Against all odd and negative comments from all nay-sayers, Stephen persisted and worked harder to beat his shortcomings.

This book teaches children to ignore bullies and work harder to achieve one’s dreams. Find more kids’ basketball books here.

sports picture book - Wilma Unlimited

10. Wilma Unlimited is the inspiring real-life story of Wilma Rudolph. She overcame childhood polio and eventually went on to win Olympic gold medals.

Wilma’s left leg was paralyzed when she was just five years olds. Others predicted that she would never be able to work again.

With sheer willpower, Wilma started running and became the first American woman to earn three gold medals in a single Olympics. The story comes to life with bold illustrations.

sports picture book - The Hula-Hoopin' Queen

11. The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen is a fictional story of Kameeka, an African American girl. She is confident that she can beat her rival Jamara and become the Hula-Hooping queen of her street. However, in her excitement, she ruins the birthday cake of old neighbor Miz Adeline.

What follows next is a series of fun events and celebrations in the community with everyone joining in Hula-hooping fun.

A charming and simple story about conflicts children go through in their daily lives and emerge stronger with help of sports.

sports picture book - National Geographic Kids: Gymnastics

12. National Geographic Kids: Gymnastics teaches children all about gymnastics. Read about different moves – somersaults, backflips, aerial moves, mounts, dismounts, etc.

The narration of how athletes train and how competitions are judged is enough to keep the kids interested in the book. More children’s gymnastics books here.

sports picture book - Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping

13. Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping Does your child love camping or outdoors? This funny book about Amelia Bedelia in camping is a laugh riot.

A series of events gone wrong, and some misunderstanding the instructions make this book a hilarious read-aloud. Read more camping books for kids.

sports picture book - Game Changers: The Story of Venus and Serena Williams

14. Game Changers: The Story of Venus and Serena Williams is a fascinating nonfiction picture book. Read the inspiring story of two legends, fierce competitors, sisters. Read how the two sisters woke up before sunrise every day. And worked hard to reach their dreams. The illustrations are captivating and colorful.

sports picture book - Jabari Jumps

15. Jabari Jumps is a book about overcoming fears. Jabari feels he is ready to jump off the diving board. But he needs to overcome his fears at the last minute. With the help of his supporting dad, he finally achieves what he sets out to.

Javari is the story of most children trying to overcome the fear of starting. The black protagonist is a welcome diversity.

sports picture book - Soaring Soren: When French Bulldogs Fly

16. Soaring Soren: When French Bulldogs Fly is an inspiring true story about a dog’s journey to an athletic championship.

The book is Deb’s tribute to his friend Soren, a French Bulldog. Soren believed in himself proved all his critics wrong. He is an unlikely champion.

Beautifully illustrated, this one is a perfect read for any primary graders. A great inspiring message for young children about beating the odds on the way to success.

Sports Activity Books for Grades 1-3

Sports Activity books are quite helpful in keeping the early elementary kids engaged for long. They help in early learning development as well as keep children occupied for a long.

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How Sports Books Help 6 to 8 Years Olds?

Most children get introduced to sports at early elementary. The beginner-level sports books are aimed at making children understand the basics of sports.

Most of the fiction and nonfiction for this age group are written to inspire the kids through simple storytelling.

The books for grades 1 to 3, thus play a large role in preparing future sportspersons – mentally and physically.