Here are some amazing children’s sports books that are the perfect companion for any time. Does your child love sports and can rattle out sports facts with ease! Or how about motivating your young ones with inspiring sports stories. The benefits of sports for kids are well-known! The list book sports book for kids of all ages and covers a wide range of sports. Find one based on your child’s interest and unleash the fun time!

35 TOP Sports Books For Kids (All Ages!)

children's sports books

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Check this list of highly recommeded sports books for kids.

sports book for kids - Goodnight Hockey

1. Goodnight Hockey is a great sports book for babies to preschoolers. A perfect bedtime book for any sports-loving child. Written in rhyming style, this is a quick and fun read. Check more preschooler sports books. (Ages 2-4 years)

sports book for kids - My First Book of Lacrosse

2. My First Book of Lacrosse introduces children to the game of Lacrosse. Learn about the basic rules of the game and positions. Everything is explained in simple text and cool graphics. (Ages 3+ years)

sports book for kids - The Magic Hockey Stick

3. The Magic Hockey Stick is a funny children’s sports book. A girl’s parents end up buying Wayne Gretzky’s hockey stick at an auction. The stick turns out to be magical and helps the child play better. Meanwhile, Wayne Gretzky starts going through a slump.
So the girl decides to return the hickey stick to Wayne Gretzky. A humorous book with a lesson in sportsmanship.
(Ages 5-8 years)

sports book for kids - Wilma Unlimited

4. Wilma Unlimited is the biography of legendary Black Olympic runner Wilma Rudolph. From being paralyzed in her left leg with polio as a five-year-old to winning three Olympic gold medals, this is the story of an athlete’s grit and determination.
(Ages 4-7 years)

sports book for kids - 5-Minute Hockey Stories

5. 5-Minute Hockey Stories is a children’s book about the game of hockey. Read dozen of real stories of this popular game. From the story of building an ice rink in the living room to scoring a golden goal – this book is full of bite-sized entertaining stories. The short chapters make it a perfect bedtime read for hockey-loving kids.
(Ages 4+ years)

sports book for kids - Big Book of WHO All-Stars

6. Big Book of WHO All-Stars is a popular children’s book about sports. A sports fact and trivia book with a collection of 128 of the most famous sports stars of all time. Sports Illustrated style photography, simple writings style, fun facts, profiles, stats – make this suitable for kids of all ages.

sports book for kids - Bobby Orr and the Hand-me-down Skates

7. Bobby Orr and the Hand-me-down Skates is the charming childhood story of hockey legend Bobby Orr. On his 11th birthday, he wanted a new pair of skates but instead got an old hand-me-down one. However, gradually Bobby started loving them, and they become inseparable. But what happens when he gets a new pair of skates after some time! Find more sports picture books.
(Ages 4-8 years)

sports book for kids - Don't Break the Balance Beam!

8. Don’t Break the Balance Beam! is a humorous sports story about a child gymnast Kenzie. The pictures are fun, and the text flows easily. An easy reading chapter book for elementary kids
(Ages 6-8 years)

sports book for kids - Serena Williams

9. Serena Williams is a motivational sports picture book for early readers. Know what makes a Serena Williams – the mental toughness and preparation it takes. Self-affirmation, strength, focus, confidence in the faces of all adversities and discrimination. Check more inspiring sports books here. (Ages 0-10 years)

sports book for kids - I am Jackie Robinson

10. I am Jackie Robinson is the biography of legendary African American baseball player Jackie Robinson. Read how his love for the sport of baseball conquered all. Jackie Robinson became the first Black player in Major League Baseball. This motivational picture book is suitable for beginner readers. (Ages 5-8 years)

sports book for kids - Supercar Coloring Book

11. Supercar Coloring Book is for speed and car lovers. With detailed illustrations of some of the favorite cars, this book is for primary graders. (Ages 5-7 years)

sports book for kids - Roller Girl

12. Roller Girl is a Newbery Honor Award Winner sports book about 12-years-old Astrid. Her life takes a different turn when she starts roller derby and signs up for a camp. Read on to see how she manages her first roller derby bout, friendship, and middle school. Written by real-life derby girl Victoria Jamieson, this book is about girl-power. Find more middle school sports books here. (Ages 8-11 years)

sports book for kids - Soccer Activity Book

13. Soccer Activity Book is a top sports books for soccer-loving kids. Brain games, word searches, puzzles, doodling, cool creative activities designed to keep sports fanatics engaged. (Ages 6-12 years)

sports book for kids - We Are Family

14. We Are Family is a great sports books to read. When their free afterschool basketball program gets canceled, the 5 middle graders do not give up. Playing basketball has been their way to an escape, dream, and being part of a family. Now they would do everything to save their hoop group.
(Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - Travel Team

15. Travel Team by Mike Lupica is a suspenseful fictional story for basketball lovers. A book for wannabe players to remind them to never give up. One needs to keep going – just like twelve-year-old Danny in this book. (Ages 10+ years)

Also, check out other titles from Mike Lupica here.

sports book for kids - Ten: A Soccer Story

16. Ten: A Soccer Story is a sports book for girls. This heart-warming story is set in Malaysia in 1986 when girls were not allowed to play Soccer. Read how a strong-willed Maya formed an all-girl soccer team as a way out for many of the troubles brewing around her. Here are some more women in sports books.
(Ages 10-12 years)

sports book for kids - Booked

17. Booked Eighth-grades Nick Hall loves playing Soccer and hates reading. Read how he discovers himself and finds solace for his problems in books and words. This bestseller is written in verse and loved by tweens.
(Ages 10-12 years)

sports book for kids - BMX Challenge

18. BMX Challenge Jason never knew that learning BMX can be so hard. But once he accepted the challenge from his classmates, he needs to master it before the tournament.
(Ages 8-12 years)

Check out other recommended book from Jake Maddox series.

sports book for kids - Softball Surprise

19. Softball Surprise Jo loves playing softball. Suddenly she finds herself with a conflicting choice – choosing between the team she loves or playing for the team that will win. How does Jo decide! This one is a popular book from the Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories.
(Ages 8-12 years)

Read other Jake Maddox Girl Sports books here

sports book for kids - Penny Porter - the Pitcher From Pine Hills

20. Penny Porter – the Pitcher From Pine Hills is a realistic fiction softball story. Read how Penny Porter – a softball pitches, applies her softball learnings even in daily life. Middle graders can relate to the challenges easily.
(Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - The Youth Sports Handbook

21. The Youth Sports Handbook guides young athletes through their journey. Starting with developing the right mindset to good practice habits, developing confidence, learning to be a good teammate, team leader on and off-field, tackling tough times -all topics are covered. A highly recommended book.

sports book for kids - Sports Illustrated Kids STATS!: The Greatest Number in Sports

22. Sports Illustrated Kids STATS!: The Greatest Number in Sports What was the approximate speed of Usain Bolt when he set the world record? This 128-page book reveals loads of fascinating statistics and amazing facts behind those numbers.
(Ages 4-14 years)

sports book for kids - Learning STEM from Baseball

23. Learning STEM from Baseball is for baseball-loving tweens. What’s a sweet spot? When was the pitching machine invented? How are baseballs made? Get the science and technology behind these questions in this book.
(Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - Rising Above: How 11 Athletes Overcame Challenges

24. Rising Above: How 11 Athletes Overcame Challenges. Read about the inspiring stories of 11 athletes who overcame difficulties on the way to stardom. Stories about discipline, hope, inspiration – never giving up. The content of this book is geared towards high school students. (Ages 9-11 years)

sports book for kids - Alex Morgan: (World Soccer Legends)

25. Alex Morgan: (World Soccer Legends) is a book on US women’s soccer star Alex Morgan. She started playing the game only at the age of 14. From there Alex went on to be a part of the soccer team and made history. Read many more details of the life of the celebrated star. (Ages 9-12 years)

sports book for kids - The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

26. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play is not a typical sports biography book. Rather, it showcases the experiences Kobe had. The book highlights his passion for the game. A good read with excellent photography for tweens and teens.

sports book for kids - Alexandra Trusova: The Girl Who Fights Gravity

27. Alexandra Trusova: The Girl Who Fights Gravity is the inspiring story of women figure skating star, Alexandra Trusova. The sports story is told through the eyes of Alexandra’s parents, her coaches, and the athlete herself on what it takes to excel on the world stage. the story emphasizes the importance of having patience and working hard.

sports book for kids - The Greatest Football Teams of All Time

28. The Greatest Football Teams of All Time. Understand how Super Bowl became an American cultural phenomenon. This book brings together stories of the all-time favorite teams. From 1972 Miami Dolphins! to Patriots of the ’00s – all are covered.

Understand what makes a team click – the strategy, player combination, inside stories fun facts. (Ages 8+ years)

sports book for kids - Guinness World Records 2021

29. Guinness World Records 2021 is full of fun facts, crazy antics, and unbelievable records. This book is for everyone who enjoys talking and reading about sports records.

sports book for kids - Weird But True Sports

30. Weird But True Sports contains 300 wacky sports facts. Stories, sports trivia, and big colored photography on each page – make this a kids’ favorite. Beginner readers to tweens will enjoy this book. (Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - Horse Girl

31. Horse Girl is a fictional sports novel for middle graders. Learn about the pleasure and risks of riding horses. The story is funny, happy, inspiring with relatable characters. A feel-good read. (Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - Drawing with Sports Illustrated Kids

32. Drawing with Sports Illustrated Kids Learn the various sports action poses by drawing. From general blocking poses to scoring touchdown – all are included. The pictures are advanced and quite detailed. A perfect book to improve the drawing skills of any sports-loving child. (Ages 8+ years)

sports book for kids - All About Dirt Bikes

33. All About Dirt Bikes teaches all about dirt biking, including safety tips. The book is full of informational facts, tricks, bike types, famous riders. It offers a great introduction to the sport of dirt biking. With coloring pages, puzzles, word searches – this book is sure to keep the children occupied for hours. This one is written by 11-year-old Carmine. (Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - Skateboard Tricks

34. Skateboard Tricks is a step-by-step guide to learning the game of skateboarding. Also, find links to video clips showing the tricks outlined in the book. The comprehensive guides and the videos are enough for anyone to be able to perform a few tricks, with some practice. (Ages 8-12 years)

sports book for kids - NBA Design: Shoes, Logos and Jerseys

35. NBA Design: Shoes, Logos and Jerseys is a fun coloring book for basketball and NBA fans. Design and color your favorite Jerseys, Logos, and lots and lots of shoes. Featuring popular shoes of stars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, DeAndre Jordan, LeBron James, and many more, this book is sure to delight and keep kids engaged for many hours. (Ages 9-11 years)

Popular Sports Book Series

Here are a few popular sports series and authors we absolutely love.

Matt Christopher Books are centered around young characters. The sports fantasy stories continue to entertain generations of young kids even decades after the author’s death.

Since the time his first novel, Choosing Up Sides was published, John H. Ritter became all baseball fanatics’ favorite sports writer.

Tim Green books are the go-to read for the football lovers. Here is a book-quote curtesy

“football today,” the coach said, turning the insect eyes back at Ty so that he could see two dark-haired”

Tim Green, Football Hero

The Perfect Balance Gymnastics series deserves a special mention. Melisa Torres has been a competitive gymnast for 14 years and brings her experience in this series for young girls.

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