Check out these highly recommended sports books for middle schoolers. The booklist includes inspiring nonfiction sports stories, fun sports fiction books, and motivational biographies. 11-13-year-old would love to read about their favorite sports and heroes. Football, basketball, gymnastics, track – a great variety of sports are covered. A range of great sports books for middle graders to choose from.

25 Best Sports Books For Middle Graders

Sports books for middle schoolers

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Here are some of the highly recommended sports books for middle graders. The stories and topics are suitable for 6th to 8th graders.

Nonfiction sports books for Middle school

nonfiction sports books for middle schoolers
nonfiction sports books for middle schoolers

The United States of Sports

Take your middle graders on a tour of every state of the United States. Kids will learn about different sports clubs, arenas, stadiums, etc. A variety of sports are covered. Sports fanatics can read about their favorite heroes. The pages are full of amazing pictures and interesting sports trivia.

best sports books for gymnast loving tweens

The Gymnastics Book

This sports book is for budding middle-grader gymnasts. It is simply the best guide for the beginner in artistic gymnastics sport. Starting with finding a gymnastics club, to the finance aspect of the training – everything is covered in this book. Interviews from legendary gymnasts like Simone Biles, Ellie Black, Ragan Smith, etc make this book quite inspiring. Behind the scenes, tips, tricks, etc. make this gymnast book a complete guide for young children.

inspiring middle-grader sports book

The Night the World Turned Royal Blue

Get this inspiring sports book for 6th graders and above. Read about the magical night of the 2014 American League Wild Card Game. The story is for baseball-loving children and Kansas City Royals fans. Beautiful artwork and exciting story make this book a very good read.

childhood stories of famous sports stars

Kid Athletes

Read about the childhood of famous sports legends. They too were kids and faced childhood issues like any regular kid. Cartoon illustrations along with childhood stories of Tiger Woods, Gabby Douglas, Bruce Lee, Billie Jean King, and many others make this book a real page-turner. A fun read – this one is already quite popular with children. Written for middle graders, these fun and inspirational stories can be enjoyed by children at any age.

sports fitness book for middle grader grils

Sports & Fitness

This book is written for sports-loving middle-grader girls. Read about the importance of sports and fitness in life for young girls. Also included are exercises to make kids stronger, confidence-building advice, team-building activity ideas, and many more. This book is a true guide to a girl’s fitness.

sports book for 11 year old and above

From an Idea to Nike

A good motivational sports book for 11-13 year olds. How did Nike create the sneakers empire and become the go-to choice for sports stars? Where did the name and logo come from? Who was the first star athlete to sign with Nike? Learn all these and much more, along with lesser-known history and business side stories of making the company. This book is perfect for middle graders who want to understand the business sides of a brand.

a captivating middle-grader sports story


A captivating story about a former Olympian’s struggles, following his plane crash in enemy territory during the second world war. It is a story of human determination and survival against all odds. Written for middle grades and above, this book is a must on any child’s bookshelf.

fiction sports books for Middle Grader

fiction sports books for middle schoolers
fictional sports book for middle grader

The Wizenard Series

Get this book for your basketball-loving middle grader. Created by Kobe Bryant, it narrates the story of five young basketball players and one coach. The lessons about perspective, compassion, and judgment do not apply only to basketball, but to any team sport. Middle graders will benefit from this fictional sports story. Find more basketball books here.

sports book series for middle graders

Jason Reynolds’s Track Series

This is the complete collection of author Jason Reynolds’s popular track series. Includes stories of Ghost, Patina, Sunny, Lu. Four kids come from completely different backgrounds and have a lot to prove. Each of these books has real life lessons that readers can easily relate to. The series is entertaining as well as engaging for children. Best suitable for 6th-8th graders, any sports enthusiast will enjoy the stories.

entertaining sports book for tweens

Peasprout Chen

A delightful middle-grade sports story about reaching a championship. Peasprout Chen wants to become the champion of skate and sword. But finds herself in trouble as an outsider. Read how Peasprout solves the problems on the way to her championship. A thrilling and also funny book, this one is a fresh read. Asians, in particular, would identify with some parts of the book.

sport book for 11-13 year olds

Ball Boy

A middle grader sports book about growing up. Gray Taylor moves to Kansas City with his mother. There he finds basketball and realizes his love for the game. Read the fascinating story of how Gray uses the game to help the community. A story about finding one’s true self. 11-13-year-olds can relate to Gray Taylor easily.

middle-grader sports novel

Full Court Pressure

Read the middle-grade sports novel about friendship and sports drama. Zack Fuller finds himself in a tough spot in his beloved game of basketball. Faced with challenges from both his new and old team, Zack has to play through challenges. It is an easy and fun graphic book for 11-year-olds.

Engaging sports story about a tween girl

Love Double Dutch!

Read the fictional sports story about sassy tweens and not calling quits. Middle-schooler MaKayla is forced to spend her summer in the south. Thus missed the chance to participate in the National Jump-off championship. But undeterred she decides to make the best of the situation. Ultimately her focus and passion for the game help her build a new team.

diverse middle-grader sports story

Get a Grip, Vivy Cohen!

A heart-warming story about a basketball-loving autistic young girl. 11-year-old Vivy loves the game and is determined not to let anything stop her. She works through all the frustrating turns of events, and discrimination against girls. The characters are endearingly relatable. A sportsbook with diversity.

funny fictional sports book

Lupe Wong Won’t Dance

Read this funny and diverse sports book for middle graders. Lupe wants to be a serious basketball player and finds square dancing dumb. But over time she realizes the importance of honoring different cultural representations. A story about valuing others and standing up for what you believe in. Lupe and her friends would surely keep you entertained throughout the book.

popular book series

Big Shot Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Middle grader sports books can not get wittier than this. Read about every tween’s favorite ‘Wimpy Kid’ Greg playing basketball. Taking his mother’s advice Greg signs up for the game and gets selected. But his weak team has a very slim chance of winning. Read on to find out if Greg can utilize the opportunity and turn events. Peppered with usual silliness, it is a popular and fun read.

Realistic fiction middle grade sport story

Before the Ever After

Kids will love this emotional story about a pro football player and his family. A famous professional player suffers from a head injury. This changes things for the entire family. Narrated from the son’s point, read how the boy struggles to adjust to new realities. A heartfelt fictional tale with father-son bonding and family love. The topic of sports injury deserves greater awareness. Find more football books here.

historical fiction sports book

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

Read how a migrant girl found her new home through sports. The historical fiction story is set in the 1940s. Shirley arrived from China to the USA, where her father works. As she adjusts to a new country, and foreign language, Shirley falls in love with baseball. The cultural references are as relevant even today. A cute sports story for middle-grade boys and girls.

sports graphic novel for 6th-8th graders

The Crossover

An award-winning graphic sports novel for middle graders. 12-year-old Josh Bell is a good basketball player. And an equally amazing rapper. Read through different basketball seasons, challenges of life, school, and more. Your young one would love reading the story through poetry.

Sports Biographies for middle schoolers

Sports Biographies for middle schoolers
Sports biography for middle schoolers

A High Five for Glenn Burke

This is the real-life story of Glenn Burke – the first professional baseball player to come out as gay. It narrates the struggles a sportsperson went through in the 1970s when being different came with a stigma. It is an emotional story beautifully written. This book is for the kids who struggle to fit in.

inspiring sports women biopraphies

We Got Game!

Read the inspiring biography of 35 females athletes from around the world. These girls broke every stereotype, and challenge and won their way to success. A must-read book for tween girls.