Sometimes young girls need a few books tailored for their specific needs – be it inspirational, adventure, girl power, or just dressing up. The following 15 sticker books for girls have been selected keeping the various interest and needs of girls in mind.

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Sticker books for girls

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15 Best Sticker Books For Girls

Check out these interesting, clever, powerful and beautiful sticker activity books for girls.


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Moana. This book is for Moana fans. There are stickers and information about Moana, her traveling companion Maui, Moana’s family, and more.

A total of 60 reusable stickers are enough to keep Moana fans engaged.

Outdoor Sports Sticker Adventure

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Outdoor Sports Sticker Adventure. This sticker book encourages girls to be active and outdoors. So let your child go to the mountains, lake, snow, beach, ocean.

There are a total of 150 stickers to decorate 24 pages. So let your daughter go on an outdoor adventure.

Around the World

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Around the World. If different culture interests your child, this sticker book featuring the dressing of different nations is perfect. So your kid can learn how saris of India, kimonos of Japan, bubbas of Nigeria, flamenco of Spain look.

Your child can read and choose clothing for the people, based on the descriptions given. The pages feature some famous and real people, adding great educational value. There also good amount of diversity added.

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker: 3 Books set

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Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker: 3 Books set. If your child likes to play dress-up, this sticker book set is a perfect choice. It has three puff sticker books containing dress-ups, mermaid, princess. The stickers are reusable, with a carry handle for easy grip.

The Legend of Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda. This sticker activity book is for the fans of Princess Zelda. Join Link, Zelda in their adventure of Hyrule. A huge number of 856 stickers containing the major titles makes this sticker book well worth every penny. This one is suitable for kids from kindergarten to grade 4.


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Madeline. If your daughter loves Madeline, this sticker activity book would be a huge hit. The stickers themselves are made of vinyl and reusable. The pictures are fun and cute featuring popular scenic Paris.

Mother’s Day Surprise

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Mother’s Day Surprise. Pinkalicious plans to surprise her mother on mothers day with breakfast in bed and a poem. The book contains a sweet story, activities, and Mother’s day themed stickers. A perfect book to spend some quality mother-daughter time.

Wonder Woman Sticker Book

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Wonder Woman Sticker Book. Join Amazonian princess Wonder Woman as she fights to save the earth. The stickers in this book are accompanied by information about Wonder Woman’s powers, accessories, epic battles. There are even Justice League characters included. A sticker book with girl power!

Fairies, Princess Castle, Play House, Dress-Up

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Fairies, Princess Castle, Play House, Dress-Up. Every girl loves and believes in fairies when young. This Melissa & Doug set has four sticker pad sets – fairies, princess castle, dress-up, play-house. Each pad comes with five background scenes made of thicker cardboard and five sheets of reusable stickers.

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Disney Princess

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Disney Princess. This sticker book is the ultimate collection of Disney princesses. Along with characters, there are also locations, scenes from movies, and much more. More than 1000 stickers of Snow White, Cinderella, Moana along with movie stills, facts make this sticker book popular with young girls.

Fashion Angels 1000

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Fashion Angels 1000. This sticker book has a huge collection of 1000+ assorted stickers – colorful letters, unicorns, cats, monsters, llamas, rainbows, ice cream, space objects, and more. They are perfect for scrapbooks, journaling, decorating cards, or anything at all. You can stick the stickers to any surface. It is recommended for kids age 6 years and above.


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MAGICAL MISADVENTURE. Join Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine in their magical adventure. This book includes fun drawing for coloring and 1000+ vibrant stickers.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Unicorns

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Sticker Dolly Dressing Unicorns. Let your child dress her favorite unicorns and fairies with accessories. There are 12 different scenic backgrounds such as ponds, orchards, secret meadows, etc to put the stickers in. This sticker book is recommended for 2 to 8 years old.


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Action! Private investigators, firefighters, movie stars, stunt artists – there are plenty of role models for young girls to look up to. Accessorize the dolls with 300 stickers of helmets, harnesses, tool kits, etc.

Golden Girls Sticker Art Puzzles

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Golden Girls Sticker Art Puzzles. This one is a fun Golden Girls sticker book. Use the sticker jigsaw puzzles and complete the images of the Golden Girls. There are also trivia about each character included.

Short on Time? Check Our Favorite Sticker Book

All the above sticker books are loved by girls and recommended by parents. However, we absolutely love the below three books.

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