KrishnaDevaraya was a kind king who almost always listened to the advice of his knowledgeable ministers. One morning, when he came to his court, he was in very good spirits. Upon being asked by his courtiers the reason, Krishnadevaraya responded that he had a dream about a magnificent palace the previous night. It was a hanging palace, made with all kinds of jewels inside out. It also had every form of luxury imaginable. 

Everyone in the court listened enthusiastically as Krishnadevaraya described his dream palace in detail. He ended the story with an order. He announced that he would like to build such a palace for himself. And whoever would build him the palace, would get 1000 gold coins. He also asked his ministers to start the search for such a skilled architect immediately.

Now all his ministers were in trouble. They did not dare correct Krishnadevaraya, considering that it might invite his wrath. However, on the other hand, they also needed to find a great architect who can build such a seemingly impossible palace. 

The Ministers went to Tenali Raman for help. Tenali Raman listened to the story and assured them that he would find a way.

The very next day, an old man appeared in the court of Krishnadevaraya seeking justice. Krishnadevaraya asked the old man what did he want. To which he replied, “Oh, Dear King! All my belongings have been stolen. I am appealing to your kindness for justice and help me get my stuff back.” Krishnadevaraya immediately ordered one of his ministers to catch the thief who stole the old man‘s belongings. 

The minister asked the old man if he knew the thief. The old man replied in affirmative but appeared scared to provide any further details of the thief. He said, “Sir, He is a very powerful person.” To which Krishnadevaraya assured the man that he can name the thief fearlessly, and the king will protect him. 

The old man finally agreed and said that king Krishnadevaraya himself stole his belongings. Hearing this, Krishnadevaraya got very angry. However, remembering his promise, Krishnadevaraya controlled his anger and asked the old man that how was it even possible. 

The old man then told Krishnadevaraya that last night in his dream he saw Krishnadevaraya came to his house along with a bunch of soldiers. They took all the households and other valuable items the old man possessed.

Listening to this, Krishnadevaraya burst out laughing. He said,” Oh old man! It was just a dream! Dreams can be as ridiculous as possible. That does not mean that they have to be true. Dreams are just dreams and never the truth.”

Now the old man took out his fake white beard and revealed himself. It was none other than Tenali Rama himself. Krishnadevaraya was puzzled and asked Tenali Rama the reason behind the trickery.

Tenali Rama bowed courteously in front of Krishnadevaraya and replied, “My King, just like the old man’s impossible dream, the palace of your dreams is also impossible. Who has ever seen a hanging palace? And who can even build it? I am requesting you to take back your order and relieve the ministers from hunting for such an impossibly skilled architect.”

Krishnadevaraya realized his mistake and thanked Tenali Rama for showing him the correct way.

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