Tenali Rama had a childhood friend name Tirumala, who owned an inn. But his inn was not doing well, as very few guests came by each day. It was not making enough money to sustain itself. Worried, Tirumala went to Tenali Rama to seek his advice. Tenali Rama listened to his friend’s problem patiently and thought for a while.

After some time, he advised Tirumala to change the name of the inn to Panch Vani. Now Tirumala was upset. He could not think how Tenali Rama was advising him to just change the name, instead of offering any real help.

But Tenali Rama was confident that this would work. He advised Tirumala to also hang six bells outside the front gate. Tirumala was not convinced. Still, he agreed to do as his friend suggested. He hung six big bells outside the main gate. And put a new board naming the place Panch Vani.

From the next day, people started pouring into the inn, asking Tirumala to correct the name. They all pointed out that the name Panch Vani was incorrect since it has six bells outside the gate. Most of the people, once inside to point out the mistake, would order food and take rest. Thus Tirumala’s inn started getting a good number of guests daily.

This surprised him. After few days, he started making enough money and the inn was doing financially very well.

Tirumala went to Tenali Rama’s house once again, to thank him for his idea. Now Tirumala asked Tenali that how did he know that this idea would work. To which Tenali Rama replied that human beings love to point out others’ mistakes. It is in their nature. So, giving them a chance to point out a mistake did the trick. Tirumala thanked Tenali and walked away impressed and grateful.

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