Check this list of fascinating books about balls for toddlers & preschoolers. All the books are suitable for read-aloud for 0-5 year olds.

16 Fun Books About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool

Books About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool

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16 fantastic ball books for your little one. From award-winning popular books to wordless picture books, ball books for learning ABCs to introduction to games – all types of books are included.

1. A Ball for Daisy

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - A Ball for Daisy

A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka is the 2012 Randolph Caldecott Medal winner. Daisy’s favorite red ball is accidentally destroyed by a bigger dog. After a brief period of sadness, Daisy gets a new blue ball.

The emotions are expressed well with stunning illustrations. This wordless picture book is perfect for toddlers and preschool read aloud.
(Ages 3-7)

2. Ball (Baby Unplugged)

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Ball (Baby Unplugged)

Let your toddler explore the world around, with one ball at a time. Big ball, small ball, round ball, shiny ball – there is one of each type. Kids will have fun with throw ball, catch ball fetch ball.

Really, there are just so many things to do and learn with balls. The pictures are stunning and represent multiracial children. A must-have for all ball-crazy kids.
(Ages 0-3)

3. Ball

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Ball

The book has just one word – ‘ball’. Turn page after page and laugh at the antics of a ball-crazy dog. Make your own fun story by looking at the pictures.

The drawings are adorable. A perfect award-winning board-book for ball-loving babies and toddlers.
(Ages 0-3)

4. Round Like a Ball

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Round Like a Ball

A fun progressive story to make young children aware of planet earth. The intrigue increases as children turn page after page and try to guess the identity of the object.

What is round in shape, hot and cold, always moving, has every color. The text is simple with breathtaking collage artwork.
(Ages 4-8)

5. Pete the Cat: Play Ball!

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Pete the Cat: Play Ball!

Join in for a game of baseball with Pete the Cat. The story delivers the message of sportsmanship through a beautiful game of Pete and his team.

Each page has two lines with small words, making this an ideal read for beginner readers. The pictures are cute and expressive.
(Ages 4-8)

6. Hit the Ball Duck

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Hit the Ball Duck

Duck and his friends go outside to play baseball. But things don’t go as planned. There are lots of different animals playing the game together.

The dialogues of the animals are simple and easy to follow for kids. This is a fun read-aloud.
(Ages 5-6)

7. Where Is Baby’s Beach Ball?

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Where Is Baby's Beach Ball?

It is summertime. But where is baby’s beach ball? Help the baby find the ball in this interactive lift-the-flap book. The graphics are colorful and keep the book interesting.
(Ages 1-4)

8. Yellow Ball

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Yellow Ball

Join the adventure of a yellow ball as it drifts away far into the sea and then returns home. The rhyming book has very few words.

However the story packs in many powerful topics of losing, finding, weather, and the concept of home. A soothing story for preschoolers and above.
(Ages 4-8)

9. Bounce

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Bounce

This book gets children moving with fun action words. How does one bounce a ball? Try your toe, nose, or any other part really!

Young readers are invited to hop, leap, pounce, and bounce to their hearts’ content.
(Ages 1-8)

10. ABCs of Balls

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - ABCs of Balls

Make learning alphabets fun with this book about balls. Basketball, disco ball, football, golf ball – there is one ball for each of the alphabets. Toddlers love balls, making this book a popular choice.
(Ages 1-4)

11. This Is a Ball

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - This Is a Ball

This book mislabels things. A cube is labeled as a ball, a monster as a happy princess, and a princess is labeled as a monster.

Children are sure to laugh at the crazy ideas and love to correct the readers. This will incite many laughs in preschool or kindergarten classrooms.
(Ages 4-8)

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12. Little Soccer

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Little Soccer

Introduce your child to the world of Soccer with this charming book.

Filled with one small riddle on each page and the answer with pictures on the next, this one is a simple read. The rhyming is cute, making this picture book a fun read-aloud.
(Ages 2-5)

13. Soccer Baby

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Soccer Baby

Join a baby in her very first soccer game. Starting with the whistle, watching the passes, throw-ins, snacking sitting up in front – it is a fun time indeed. Now that the game is over, baby can not wait to learn to play soccer.

The book is colorful and captures the spirit of the game, crowd, and baby well. Although written for babies and toddlers, this one would be a good choice for new readers also.
(Ages 0-3)

14. Let’s Play Baseball

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Let's Play Baseball

Introduce kids to the game of baseball. Read the rules of the game and the words associated with it. Understand all about pitch, catch, bat, and more.

This one is a sweet and sturdy, chunky lift-the-flap book.
(Ages 2-5)

15. Goodnight Football

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Goodnight Football

A book from the popular Goodnight series for football-loving kids. The text is rhyming and uses just enough words to make the reading fun. The pictures represent a diverse skin color. Check out more football books for kids here.
(Ages 1-4)

16. Spot Plays Soccer

Book About Balls For Toddlers & Preschool - Spot Plays Soccer

Play a game of soccer with everyone’s favorite character Spot. He is captain of the red team, and Helen is captain of the blue team. Who will win the match?

This one is definitely for kids who love all about Spot.
(Ages 3-5)

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