Babies experience the world through all senses – see, touch, taste. Books are not different. The only way to get familiarized with any book for a baby is through touch, feel, and sometimes taste!

Only showing pictures are not always sufficient. Babies and toddlers need to feel the texture of the new word the book describes. There are plenty of good books available nowadays, with colorful pictures, varieties of textures and simple words.

The few from below stands out as parents’ favorite.

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Noisy Zoo (Noisy Books)

Roger Priddy (Author)

Animals made with textured finger and thumb prints. And then decorated with leaves, food and other objects. This book contains number 1 to 10. Colorful illustrations make the book attractive enough to capture your baby’s attention for longer duration. Babies love to touch and feel the book. This being a board book, makes it perfectly safe for your young one. Suitable for babies as young as 3 months. Recommended by hundreds of parents.  Check details in Amazon.

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Night, Night: (First Baby Days)

Mojca Pat-a-Cake (Author), Dolinar (Illustrator)

Babies at few months can only see the primary colors. This black and white book is perfect for your baby’s vision co-ordination.  High contrast and shiny images really catches the little one’s attention. A board book which babies can try to hold. Give this to your months old baby and see him or her engaged with the book for hours. Check details in Amazon.

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Faces: Baby Touch First Focus Board book

Ladybird  (Author)

A high contrast black and yellow color book to keep your baby engaged for hours. Babies as young as 1 month can use this book. There are animals, flowers etc to keep your child engaged from baby to toddler age. Extremely good quality and round corners make it ideal for infants to hold. There is a mirror in the last page which acts as interactive play object. Check details in Amazon.

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Sophie: Peekaboo ABC: Fun Flaps, Plus Touch and Feel!

DK  (Author)

This book features every letter of the alphabet illustrated by familiar objects and brought to life by Sophie and her playful friends. Children can turn the peekaboo cards to see what is hiding underneath and get very excited after finding Sophie. Attractive graphics to keep the children engaged for longer. A book which grows with your child and can be used till pre-school stage. Check details in Amazon.

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Baby Touch and Feel Wild Animals

DK  (Author)

From furry tigers to scary crocodiles- this book helps develop your baby’s fine motor skill with a variety of textured animals. Familiarize your baby with the animal world by this attractive touch and feel book.  Recommended by parents world-wide. Wonderful photographs with a variety of animals, this book is recommended for both sensory and visual experience for small babies. Check details in Amazon.

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See, Touch, Feel: ABC

Roger Priddy (Author)

This is another gem from famous children’s book author Roger Priddy. Bright pictures, great touch and feel textures. It is a wonderful sensory book to explore along with your baby. You can use them in toddler age as well, when they learn to memorize the alphabets and starts singing the alphabet song alongside while turning each page of the book.   Check details in Amazon.

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Touch and Feel Playbook (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Eric Carle  (Author)

Author Eric Carle and his Hungry Caterpillar books need no introduction. Children worldwide are growing up playing, loving and learning from the series. A hide and seek mirror, flip-flap features, good touch and feel textures – like the soft mane of a lion, the woolen back of a sheep can keep a baby or toddler engaged for hours. This one is a must buy! Check details in Amazon

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Baby Touch: Snuggle Cloth Book Foam Book

Ladybird  (Author)

Young babies love to snuggle – why not give them a book made with padded cloth  which is perfect for your child to take everywhere along, even to bed. Crinkle noise at every page delights the young one. Babies can stroke the sheep’s woolly tummy, rub shiny butterfly and feeling dog’s velvety ear. A perfect first book for any baby, this one can be washed as many times and will still retain the bright shiny colors! Check details in Amazon.

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Dear Zoo Snuggle Book – Rag Book

Rod Campbell (Author)

If you are looking for a gift to a newborn, look no further! This one is a super-soft cloth book in a beautiful gifting box. A favourite with 1-2 year old and parents everywhere, this one is the cloth version of famous lift-the-flap book Dear zoo, made exclusively for babies! Great illustration, easily washable, children can take this to bed while sleeping! Check details in Amazon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.