Cars, planes, boats, trains, trucks – kids love playing with all kinds of vehicles. The transportation books are always a huge hit with children. Check out this ultimate list of transportation books for speed-loving kids.

Cars/Trucks/Trains – Best Transportation Books For Kids

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A Sound Transport Book -Perfect for Babies and Toddlers
A Sound Transport Book -Perfect for Babies and Toddlers
a book for monster truck loving kids
Book for Monster-truck lovers
An imaginary car book
For Imaginative and Inventive Kids
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My First Trucks and Diggers This tabbed board book is suitable for babies and toddlers. Each page has a different type of vehicle. Kids can recognize the picture and chose the page they want to go to. Have fun learn about the names of diggers, tankers, fire engines, and more.

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Honk on the Road! (10-Button Sound Books) If your preschooler likes noisy books, this would be a good choice. Fun cut-out pictures of trucks, cars, helicopters, etc along with ten sound buttons, are sure to keep your child engaged for a long time.

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Rumble! Vroom! Zoom!: Let’s Listen to Things That Go! Rumble! Vroom! Zoom! Go on a ride with vehicles that go underground, land, sky, and learn fun facts about them. Race cars, police cars, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks – a range of different familiar vehicles are covered. The sound buttons for vehicles make learning fun. A book for preschoolers to grade 2.

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The Big Race. Who will Finish First? Sunny Sid, Red Rover, and Grappler are all ready to race each other to the finish line. Who will be the winner? Read this humorous story about car-race as a series of mishaps continues to happen.

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Monster Trucks This humorous book is for monster-truck lovers. Read about the trucks racing each other in this beautiful picture book. There is a surprise at the end. Rhyming lines make this book a perfect read-aloud in the Halloween season.

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Race Car Dreams How does a race car get ready for bed? After a day of speeding in the dirt, the car is tired. It washes its rims, refuels its tummy with oil, reads a book, and off to bed. A relatable and nighttime car story for kids.

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If I Built a Car Jack is designing his ultimate fantasy car. And it comes with a beautiful fireplace, a pool, and even a snacks bar! A good book for imaginative kids and helps trigger critical thinking in kids. It is perfectly suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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Monster Truck Superstars Learn all about superstar monster trucks in this book. Which one has the highest speed? What is their coolest feature? What kind of fuels do they use? Read about all these wacky and fun facts. Elementary kids are sure to enjoy reading this book.

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1-2-3 Count with Car Parts Let your child learn and practice counting with this book about car parts. This adorable board book keeps readers engaged for longer, making learning about car parts and numbers fun.

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Freight Train by Donald Crews is for train-lovers. Go nostalgic reading about freight trains to your child. Red, orange, green, purple, black – it is a riot of colors. The author takes back to his childhood traveling times through America, with this award-winning book.

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The Big Book of Trains Read about different types of trains from all around the world. From the very first steam engine of 1804 to the modern-day bullet train, all types are covered. Each page features a type of train and images from various angles, along with the informative text. Read and learn about different parts and features of trains. This fun educational book is suitable for 5-9 year-olds.

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Hideout Indestructibles: Things That Go! A chew-proof, rip-proof, non-toxic, indestructible book about all types of transport for babies. Helicopters, hot-air balloons, boats, construction vehicles – have fun looking at the pictures and learning about them.

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Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go This classic picture book is all about vehicles. Let your child go on a ride of things that move. Cars, planes, trains, trucks – all kinds of transports are included.

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Cars on the Go! – A STEM Gear Sound Book

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The Spooky Wheels on the Bus This book is a spooky, Halloween-themed spin-off version of the popular children’s song – The wheels on the bus. You never know what is going to happen on this bus ride. Bright illustrations of goofy ghosts, monsters, witches, etc done in a child-friendly and non-scary way, make this book suitable for smaller kids.

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Amazing Airplanes Read and hear about all types of airplane sounds in this book. Kids will be intrigued to hear Pilot sound in the cockpit, airport noise, engine sound, and more. The words are easy, rhyme, and repetitive- making reading fun. Suitable for 3-5 years.