Vikram and Betal stories are part of Indian folktales. They are famous for being entertaining as well as for a hidden moral message within each story. Read all the Vikram and Betal stories below.

Legend has it that Vikramaditya was the King of Ujjain. One day, a man came to his palace and offered him a fruit. Vikramaditya thanked him and accepted the fruit asking his minister to keep it in a safe place. The man started coming every day bearing fruit. One day while giving, the fruit fell and one diamond came out from inside.

King Vikramaditya was surprised by this rare fruit and thanked the man for his generosity. He asked the man what he wanted in return. The man said that there is a ghost named Betal in a Peepul tree just outside the kingdom. He wanted the brave king Vikramaditya to bring the ghost to the man.

Vikramaditya agreed and went to the Peepul tree the next evening to get the ghost. He found the corpse of Betal, put him on his back, and started walking towards the man’s hut.

Suddenly Betal spoke. He told the king that the journey is quite long. To make it interesting, Betal would tell a story to the king. At the end of the story, there would be a question. If Vikramaditya knows the answer and speaks, then Betal would go back to his abode, the Peepul tree. If Vikram knows the answer and still keeps quiet, his head would break into thousand pieces.

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Vikramaditya agreed to the proposal. Betal started narrating the first story. At the end of the story, he asked a question. Since Vikramaditya knew the answer, he had to reply. Once Vikramaditya spoke, Betal went back to his Peepul tree. Vikram ran after Betal and brought him back from the tree.

This continued for twenty-five times. Thus there are twenty-five stories in total, which are popularly known as ‘Betal Pachchisi’ or ‘Vikram or Betaal ki Kahani’.
Enjoy the collection of short stories from Vikram and Betal written for young children.

Vikram and Betal Stories Collection for Children

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