As King Vikramaditya started walking carrying Betal on his shoulder, Betal started narrating a new story.

Chandrakant was a mighty king who was known for his generous and just nature. One day, a guard who was on duty of watching one of the gates of the kingdom, came and told the king that he had a hunch that the neighborhood country King might attack this kingdom. King Chandrakant believed the words of the guard and asked the security to be on high alert for the next few days.

Within few days, the neighboring country King attacked Chandrakant’s Kingdom. But as all the soldiers were already alert, the enemy was defeated very easily even before they could enter through the gate.
King Chandrakant called the guard and asked him to tell how he had known in advance about the attack.

The Guard replied that “ Your Majesty, sometimes I can see things from the future in advance. One night when I was on duty, I had a dream that the neighboring country would attack us. That is when I decided to inform you.”

The King rewarded the guard with 1000 Gold coins for his effort in saving the kingdom. However, immediately after that King Chandrakant told the guard, “ You are dismissed from the duty of guard. Your service would no longer be required.”

The guard was surprised at the Kings’ order. However, he bowed his head and walked away from the court silently.

Betal finished his story and asked King Vikram, “Why did King Chandrakant dismiss the guard from duty even though the guard had helped to save the King’s kingdom.”

To which Vikram replied, “ The guard’s job was to watch the gate throughout during his duty. However, it was clear that he was sleeping during duty while dreaming about the attack.

The King understood that the guard was not doing his work properly. Hence he was dismissed.”
“Yes, you are right. However, since you have opened your mouth to answer, I will now fly back to my tree.” Saying this Betal flew away. King Vikramaditya started chasing him again.