King Vikramaditya fetched Betal from his Peepul tree and started walking to the Tantrik’s house, as promised. After some time, Betal started narrating a new story.

Queen Prema and King Rejanedra of Kishannagar did not have a child even after many years of marriage. After years of praying, they were blessed with a baby girl. The ecstatic parents named her Sona. She was an intelligent girl. Not only did she excel in studies, but learnt the art of bow and arrow and sword fighting from a very young age. As years passed, she became well known for her skills.

When her marriage age approached, the King and queen left the decision of finding a groom on their daughter. Sona declared that she will marry the young guy who can defeat her in a sword fight and bow and arrow.

As the announcement was made, many people came looking to defeat Sona and marry to her. A huge crowd gathered outside the ground to witness the fights. But one by one she defeated all the prospective suitors.

Among the crowd was there a young man named Uday. He watched all the fights very intently and learnt all of Sona’s moves. Once confident that he can defeat her, Uday approached Sona with the proposal of defeating her in fights and marrying her. Sona agreed.

The fight started. The crowd and King and Queen watched in astonishment, as Uday defeated Sona easily. The King agreed to give Sona’s hand in marriage to Uday and asked him from where he has learnt such excellent skills. Uday replied that he has watched every fight of Sona and learned all he needed to defeat her.

Hearing that, Sona told Uday, “ I accept defeat to you. However, I can not marry you.”

Uday thought for a while and replied, “Yes I agree with you.”

Betal finished his story here and asked king Vikramaditya, why could not Sona marry Uday.

The King replied, “As Uday learned all the tricks from Sona, she indirectly became his teacher. The Teacher is given a place of respect as much as a parent and can not marry a student. As Uday became a student first and then only a suitor, Sona could not marry him. Uday also understood this and accepted Sona’s decision.”

Thus, once again, King Vikramaditya broke his silence. Betal again flew away from Vikramaditya’s shoulder to the his abode, the Peepul tree.