King Vikramaditya once again fetched Betal from his Peepul tree and started walking towards the Tantrik’s hut. Betal started telling another story to the King.

Once upon a time, a Brahmin had four sons. The brahmin taught his sons all the scriptures he knew and asked them to venture out on their own and learn new life skills. The four sons went in different ways to learn on their own. Before separating, they decided to meet in the same place after six months.

Months passed, and each of the sons met new people and learned many new skills. They were eager to showcase newly acquired skills and could not wait to meet other brothers.

After six months, they met in the same place. The eldest son found a bone of an animal and told that “I can put flesh around dead bones of any animal.” Saying this he chanted his mantra and flesh appeared around the lion’s bone. Now the second son said, ”I can add hair and skin on anyone.” Saying this he added hair and skin on the dead lion’s flesh.

Now the third son said he can put limbs. Once he finished his chanting, all the limbs of the lion appeared. Now it was the turn of the fourth son. He very proudly said,” I can bring any dead being alive.” Saying this, he started chanting his mantra. Within no time, the lion came to life. It saw four young men in front of it. And ate them all one by one.

Finishing his story here Betal asked, “Tell me King, who do you think is the one responsible for the death of all four brothers?”

Vikramaditya replied, “The fourth son, as he brought back the dead lion alive.”

“Yes, you are right. However, since you have opened your mouth, I am going back to my Peepul tree.” Saying this, Betal flew out of Vikramaditya’s shoulder and towards his Peepul tree.