Once two farmers came into Akbar’s court to solve their dispute. They were neighbors. As Akbar listened to their complaint, the first farmer narrated that he had bought a well from the second farmer. However, even after selling the well, the second farmer was using the water from the well.

The second farmer reasoned that he had sold the well, but the water was still his. Akbar was at a loss for words. He turned to Birbal for help.

Birbal agreed with the second farmer and said to the second farmer, “Yes, you are right. You have sold the well, and the water is separate. You can use the water.”

As the first farmer started protesting, Birbal continued, “But how are you keeping your water in his well, without paying any rent? You must remove all the water at once and keep them in another place if you want to continue using them.”

The second farmer realized that his trickery has been caught. Thus he agreed not to use the water anymore. The first farmer thanked Birbal and Akbar and left.

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