Spark an interest in the weather in your kid. Read about different weather phenomena and learn the reasons behind them. There are also fun fictional weather stories perfect for read-aloud on a stormy day. Check out these diverse ranges of weather books suitable for kindergarteners to 3rd graders.

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Weather Books For Kindergarteners – 3rd Graders

Here is a list of weather picture books, suitable for early elementary kids.

What Will the Weather Be? - a weather book.

What Will the Weather Be? explains meteorology to kids in a fun and engaging way. How will be today’s weather? What kind of clothes should kids wear in different weather? Learn about weather instruments like thermometers and barometers. The pictures are appealing. Simple language makes this book a suitable read for early elementary kids.

Weather Words and What They Mean - a weather book.

Weather Words and What They Mean teaches common weather terms, like moisture, air pressure, temperature, etc along with their definitions. Kids will learn how fog, clouds, frost, thunderstorms, snow, hurricanes, etc form. Each concept is explained using clear drawings, labeled diagrams, and simple text. Kids will also have fun reading about many weird weather facts!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - a weather book.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is popular fictional classic book. The people of Chewandswallow town were happy. The weather brought amazing food for them three times a day. It rained soup and juice. The wind and storm brought hamburgers, mashed potatoes. Things were fine, till one day the portions started getting larger and larger, creating a flood of food. What do the townspeople do? Read this hilarious book with amazing pictures.

"WOW! Weather!" - a weather book.

“WOW! Weather!” This nonfiction picture book, written by a meteorologist, explains simple weather phenomena. How much do puffy clouds weigh? How does it snow in summer? Learn the answers to these and many more with this informative weather book. The explanations are simple enough for 5-year-olds to understand easily. Rhyming words and fun illustrations keep young readers engaged.

Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today? - a weather book.

Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today?– a perfect book for fun learning. Travel with The Cat and company by hot air balloon through various weathers – rain, thunder, tornadoes, snow, etc. Learn about the origin of different weather phenomena and weather tools. Also, know about helpful safety rules like how to stay safe during lighting. Check out other books from The Cat in the Hat series.

May I Come In? - a weather book.

May I Come In? The weather is getting worse with continuous rain, thunder and storm. Raccoon is alone in his room and scared. One by one, he knocks on the doors of all neighbors only to be turned away. Suddenly it spots another house a little far. Would the Raccoon get shelter in there? Check the beautiful fictional story.

Come On, Rain! - a weather book.

Come On, Rain! It is a scorching hot summer day. All the plants and animals are waiting for a shower drop. Tess pleads to the cloudy sky to rain – “Come on, rain!” And the it rains finally. Join Tess and her friends in the fun celebration. A perfect read-aloud book for the classroom or at home.

Feel the Wind - a weather book.

Feel the Wind What is wind? How does it affect the weather? How does it help us? Read answers to all of these and more in this nonfiction book. The explanations are simple, and the artwork is beautiful. A perfect fun educational book for early elementary kids.

Thunder Cake- a weather book.

Thunder Cake is a perfect read-aloud in bad weather. It is an endearing story about how a grandma helps her grandchild overcome the fear of thunder. When Patricia is scared of the roaring thunder, her grandmother tells her that this is the perfect weather to bake a thunder cake. Together they hurry to find the perfect ingredients. With beautiful folk-art illustrations, this weather book turns the frightening thunderstorm into a celebration.

Explore My World: Weather - a weather book.

Explore My World: Weather Introduce kids to everyday weather with this National Geographic Kids book. Explore the world, how it looks in different weather conditions – sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days. The language is simple – suitable for beginner reading level. Adorable pictures of animals braving the weather make this book a captivating read.