Stories of Birbal’s wit traveled far and wide. Once Birbal traveled to a neighboring kingdom bearing Akbar’s message. Birbal had never seen the neighboring king before. So the king decided to test Birbal’s wit.

As Birbal entered the court, he found six men identically dressed as kings seated in a row. Birbal was at a loss as all looked alike.

After observing them for some time, Birbal went up to one king and bowed his head. The king got up from his place, hugged Birbal. He then asked Birbal how did he find out, who is the real king.

Birbal responded smiling, ” All the other kings were looking at you sometimes, only you looked straight at me, without looking at any of them. Even when they are dressed as King, they still knew and looked up to you as their leader.”

The king was pleased with the response and rewarded Birbal handsomely.

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