All children love going to the zoo. I remember the zoo trip we had made with our then 4 years old daughter. And how excited she was to meet the animals inside. We ended up spending hours inside, exploring. Zoo animal books are naturally a hit with young kids, especially toddlers & preschoolers. A good book also helps strengthen and broaden children’s knowledge.

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Zoo Books For Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kinder (Ages 2-5 years)

zoo books for toddlers & preschoolers

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These zoo books below are some of the most popular ones for the 2 to 5 years age group. Take your pick and go on a virtual tour of the zoo along with your little one.

Image of the book - The Pajama Zoo Parade

The Pajama Zoo Parade is a perfect bedtime storybook for your little one. The animals in the zoo are getting ready for bed. They don their pajamas and the parade begins. Meet Luna Llama, Leon Leopard, Terrance Tortoise, and others. After that, it is time for bed.

The illustrations are adorable. Children will also learn alphabets with one animal for each letter. (Ages 2-5 years)

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Zoo: Peek-a-Flap introduces different animals to toddlers and their habitat. Lift the flap and find the animal hidden underneath. Also, learn some cool facts. The flaps are sturdy enough for small hands. (Ages 1-3 years)

Image of the book - The View at the Zoo

The View at the Zoo is a clever twist on zoo animals. Just as human beings are observing the animals inside a zoo, the animals are also observing the humans and their silly antics.

With bright and beautiful illustrations and only a few lines, this book is a simple read. After reading this book, your tiddler would surely look at zoo animals differently. The ‘find the monkey’ game on each page keeps the book reading interesting. (Ages 2-4 years)

Image of the book - Zoo Zen

Zoo Zen Join Lyla as she learns ten yoga poses from her zoo animal friends. Learn with Lyla how to hop like a frog, slither like a snake, roar like a lion, and more.

Written in rhyming style, this book is a combination of many things. Your toddleer will learn counting to ten here, while also mastering some basic yoga poses. The artistic illustrations are adorable. An age-appropriate fun book, this one is a must-have. (Ages 4-8 years)

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That’s Silly! at the Zoo is a fun lift-the-flap book. Lift the 40 flaps and find one sillier scene after another. Find the pandas reading, penguins surfing, lions doing magic tricks.

The scenes are bright and detailed. Children would love exploring and identifying the animals. Also included are humorous puzzles and activities. (Ages 2-5 years)

Image of the book - Curious George Goes to the Zoo

Curious George Goes to the Zoo The children’s favorite monkey – Curious George goes to a zoo. There he befriends some of its inhabitants – giraffes, flamingos. And he also ends up helping a sad baby rhino.

The story is entertaining and simple. Drawings are in vintage style. Fun activities like spot-the-difference and animal facts make this book ideal for the toddlers’ to kindergarteners’ age group. (Ages 2-6 years)

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Little People: Welcome to the Zoo! Join Sofie, Koby, and their friends on a visit to the zoo. Lift the flap and find the animals residing inside the zoo. A total of 50 flaps are sure to keep children engaged for hours. This Fisher-Price book is sturdy and colorful. (Ages 3-5 years)

Image of the book - First Sticker Art: Zoo Animals

First Sticker Art: Zoo Animals Sticker books are a rage amongst children nowadays! Create twenty zoo animals with this reusable stickers book. Make Lion, tiger, hippo, flamingo, ostrich, camel, kangaroo, and many more zoo animals.

The sticker quality is good, and easy to peel. Hence, 3 to 5-year-olds can make them independently. This one is ideal to keep your child engaged for longer. (Ages 3-6 years)

Image of the book -  More Life-Size Zoo

More Life-Size Zoo brings zoo animals to life. Meet an orangutan, baby gibbon, kangaroo, wombat, bison, hippopotamus, cheetah, leopard, and many more zoo animals in their actual size! The concept of the book is brilliant. Life-size photographs teach the children how big or small the animals are in real.

The photography is stunning and looks so alive. With fun facts about each animal, there is always something to discuss while looking at the pictures. Your child would surely love it. (Ages 3-7 years)

Image of the book - My Visit to the Zoo

My Visit to the Zoo takes kids on a trip to the zoo. And teaches how the zoo animals live in their natural habitat. Learn how elephants roll in after their baths or meet a tiger splashing in a stream.

The book gives interesting facts about animals living in the zoo. If your child loves this book, you can also get the other two animal books from the same author. (Ages 4-8 years)

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Image of the book - Search the Zoo, Find the Animals

Search the Zoo, Find the Animals Journey to the world of zoo animals in this search-and-find book. Along with finding the animals, learn about interesting facts about them. A fun activity book for you and your child. (Ages 3-6 years)

Image of the book - Zoo Animals Coloring Book

Zoo Animals Coloring Book is 74 pages of pure fun. Filled with all kinds of animals one can find in the zoo, your child is sure to find his or her favorite animal inside.

The pages are thick, and drawings are done only on one side – making it ideal to color with any medium – watercolors, gel pens, crayons. A must-have for the days when stuck at home with a bored preschooler. (Ages 4-8 years)

Watch the read-along of the book Animal Strike at the Zoo

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