A good selection of best books for 5th graders to read. The stories are engaging. Chapters are short and easy to read for 10-year-old readers. Bestsellers, popular series, award-winning, classics, teachers, and parents recommended – a mix of different genres for kids to choose from. Many of these are popular book series loved by young readers. Check out these must-have books for 5th graders’ reading list.

25 Best Books For 5th Graders (10 Yrs) To Read

5th grader books

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Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw - book for 5th grader

Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw

Read the story about Robin Loxley. How she tackles 5th grader bully, becomes an elementary school outlaw. All she wants to do is make some new friends and win her best friend back. The entire series is quite interesting and keeps readers engaged throughout.

Read for: Graphic novel for reluctant readers

Diary of a Roblox Noob: Ro-Ghoul - book for 5th grader

Diary of a Roblox Noob: Ro-Ghoul

If your 10-year-old loves playing Roblox, this series is a no-brainer. Heroes, creep villains, saving the day – everything kids love reading about. The Roblox fandom just gets bigger.

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Way of the Warrior Kid 3 - book for 5th grader

Way of the Warrior Kid 3

The series shows kids how to overcome different challenges and be themselves. With a special emphasis on motivation and willpower, a must-read series for every tween. This third book is quite popular.

Read for: Coming of age book series

Trapped in a Video Game - book for 5th grader

Trapped in a Video Game

Playing a video game is fun. But getting trapped in it is a different matter. Join Jesse Rigsby in his adventure inside games as he navigates hidden danger and fights robotic villains.

Read for: Bestselling chapter book series

Kid Youtuber - book for 5th grader

Kid Youtuber

Davy Spencer decides the way to be popular in his new school is – to make viral youtube videos. School pranks, lunch reviews, funny incidents make great content. The way to becoming a youtube rockstar gets crazier. Each book is a bigger laugh riot than the other

Read for: Humorous book series with school life

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A Wrinkle in Time - book for 5th grader

A Wrinkle in Time

Join the adventure in time with Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin. This 1963 Newbery Medal winner has been a popular read for decades. A story of strength, determination, doing what is right. Do note the religious undertones though. Also, check out the other books from this series.

Read for: Award-winning popular classic.

President of the Whole Fifth Grade - book for 5th grader

President of the Whole Fifth Grade

Fifth-grader Brianna thinks the way to success in life is being the class president. But there are temptations to give in to unfair means to win. Read if she will be able to win the election fairly. The entire President Series is for the big dreamers.

Read for: Inspiring 5th grader role model

Making a Difference - book for 5th grader

Making a Difference

Read about the Young Change Makers. This book has biographies of 12 kids around the world. Find how they worked towards realizing their dream. There is also a map indicating the place and fun facts.

Read for: Real inspiring kids stories

Meet the Glimmer Girls - book for 5th grader

Meet the Glimmer Girls

10-year-old twins Mia and Maddie, along with their younger sister are traveling around the world with their singer mom. Read about the exciting mysteries the girls solve in popular places. The stories have good moral values.

Read for: 10-year-old role model girls

The Mystery on Apache Canyon Drive - book for 5th grader

The Mystery on Apache Canyon Drive

A little girl mysteriously appears in the middle of the road. The four kids of the Mystery Searchers gang are looking for answers. A detective series- full of action and adventures. A clean age-appropriate read to keep the kids hooked in the story.

Read for: Easy and interesting 5th grader read

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Project Startup - book for 5th grader

Project Startup

Hallie and Jaye are diffefernt from each other. But gets paired up for a business pitch competition. The book is based on a true story of starting a company. Kids with STEM or entrepreneurship minds would love the book.

Read for: A book for young entrepreneurs

Taking Flight - book for 5th grader

Taking Flight

Izzy is relocating to a new city and joining a new fifth-grade class. The author beautiful draws parallel to Izzy’s journey and challenges to a migratory bird. Children will learn a lot about nature while joining Izzy on her journey of self-discovery. The entire Nature Club series brings awareness to the environmental aspect.

Read for: Award-winning stories with environmental awareness

Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment - book for 5th grader

Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment

10-year-old Max tests out scientific experiments to make friends for the first time. Laugh out loud at some of the hilarious outcomes. Does he succeed in his endeavor? A relatable book for kids who are shy or struggle with making friends.

Read for: A great message about making friends and being yourselves

Beyond the Bright Sea - book for 5th grader

Beyond the Bright Sea

Read the story of an orphan in her adventure of knowing her roots. Her quest ends with discovering the true meaning of family. A heartfelt book from award-winning author

Read for: Highly recommended for 5th grader reading list

Finding Home - book for 5th grader

Finding Home

Join in the journey of the Baxter kids as they move to a new place. A story about kids struggling and finally finding their own home. It is a family story perfect for a read-aloud.

Read for: Fun family book series

The Green Book - book for 5th grader

The Green Book

Pattie, her sister, and her family escape the Earth and take refugees to another planet. But the new planet is not habitable. Can the sisters make life possible on the new planet?

Read for: Gripping Sci-fi tale

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A Kids' Guide to the American Revolution - book for 5th grader

A Kids’ Guide to the American Revolution

Introduce kids to the tale of America’s independence from Great Britain. A history about revolution, challenges, victories kids should learn about. Anecdotes, quotes, sidebars – all filled with many interesting details.

Read for: Engaging American history of Independence

The Dare - book for 5th grader

The Dare

Paris Pan is faced with tricky situations both at her new school and home. A relatable story tackling many situations kids face – bullying, peer pressure, friendship.

Read for: An award-winning tween dilemma

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys - book for 5th grader

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys

Teach young boys about the body’s changes and how to take care. All the topics of shaving, acne, voice change, etc are covered. With tips, how-tos, diet suggestions from a pediatrician, this one is a helpful book.

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Who Was Albert Einstein? - book for 5th grader

Who Was Albert Einstein?

Read and get motivated by the life and inventions of this great scientist. Did you know that he was expelled from school? A perfect read for kids who love science. The entire Who Was? series is worth checking out.

Read for: Biography for tweens

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Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight - book for 5th grader

Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight

Fifth-grader Isaac’s sister Lily is missing. He along with his best friends ends up in the Underground, looking for Lily. Read the mysterious creature they encounter there, and an Elf too! How do they escape!

Read for: Thrilling adventure novel

Turtle in Paradise - book for 5th grader

Turtle in Paradise

A graphic novel about a girl set in 1935. Turtle is sent to live with her great aunt in Florida. A series of events follow. Read as Turtle finds her true self and comes out of her shell. Does Turtle find her home and family! The pretty illustrations deserve a special mention.

Read for: Charming read set in Great Depression

Goosebumps Retro Fear Set - book for 5th grader

Goosebumps Retro Fear Set

Take a trip down memory lane with your child. Perfect gift for Goosebumps fans. The short chapters make this an excellent read-aloud.

Read for: Age-appropriate scary read

Guts - book for 5th grader


Raina feels a bug in her stomach. And it is just not going away. Her school life is a mess with the problems of bullies, friendship among other things. Can Raina gather her courage and conquer fear! Follow up the read with some much-needed discussions on the topics.

Read for: Bullying, conquering fear

A Dog Called Homeless - book for 5th grader

A Dog Called Homeless

Cally lost her mother and entire family struggling with the grief. As they move into a new apartment, a homeless dog mysteriously appears in their lives. Read the heartwarming tale of dealing with loss. A story of strength, hope, and determination.

Read for: Friendship tale between a girl and a dog

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